Hesitant to Get into Cryptocurrencies? TokenAI Has the Solution


By now you’ve probably heard two sides to the story surrounding cryptocurrencies. Many notable people like Paris Hilton and Mark Cuban have been seen endorsing and investing in this booming industry, while other wall street elite are slamming the industry calling it a scam but then secretly investing in it themselves.

Remember, the industry isn’t regulated yet, meaning even people slamming the industry could be profiting immensely from manipulating the market.

We are all grownups here (at least I hope) and are entitled to our own opinions, but in reality, everyone should do their own research before running their mouth one way or the other way about an industry. It will help you no matter which side you decide to take because you need ammo to defend your case.

Now, this article is not going to say which way you should go, but it is going to introduce you to a solution that is rather intriguing. Something that I feel could get people off of their couch that are scared to invest into cryptocurrencies and take a stab at it. Let me introduce you to TokenAI.

TokenAI: An Innovative Solution

The first decentralized permissionless investment platform powered by artificial intelligence. TokenAI is opening up an opportunity for anyone to get into a booming industry and the best part is they take care of all the dirty work for you.

Something that is really intriguing about TokenAI’s solution is they take the emotional side of investing out of the equation. How many times do people take their investments out or get in at the wrong time because of stress, worry, doubt taking over them? A lot.

This is why there are financial advisors and money managers making fortunes because they make those decisions on behalf of individuals and corporations. But with blockchain technology and the use of artificial intelligence, these middlemen won’t be needed in the future. Saving everyday consumers a lot of money because of the fee’s these companies and advisors charge.

With the capabilities of artificial intelligence and companies like Wealthfront using automation and machine learning today to manage over $8 billion in assets shows that TokenAI and its solution couldn’t come at a better time.

Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is able to do the same if not more than what an actual human can do when balancing and maintaining an investment portfolio. While also eliminating any biases or emotional triggers.

The other main advantage that a platform like TokenAI has at its disposal is the ability to work 24/7 365 days a year. You may or may not know this but cryptocurrencies do not sleep. There is no market open or close like the traditional stock exchanges.

TokenAI’s software will be able to balance and maintain a high-quality portfolio while everyone sleeps. Meaning more sleep for all of us because we won’t need to watch the market every waking second.

Another great advantage that TokenAI presents to a new investor or a seasoned veteran is a platform that manages your portfolio on autopilot. Say goodbye to middlemen and expensive advisory fees. Taking out that emotional connection that hurts so many everyday investors looking to get involved in the financial markets, or advisors looking to take advantage of their clients.

The Investment Platform & Team

The platform will know when a certain token or cryptocurrency is starting to drop or be affected by the vast amount of data it’s able to scrape across the web. Therefore being able to act instantly on either a buy or sell, resulting in a balanced portfolio for you.

Let’s be serious here, I know we all have had an experience or two where ourselves or someone we know decided not to invest in something because it was too risky, to later regret that decision because the company ended up becoming Amazon. 

Or that time when we decided to pull our money out early because we watched the latest news analysts pick apart a certain industry and say that it was garbage. To only regret that decision because the analyst was wrong.

TokenAI has been assembled from industry titans that have lots of industry experience. Sam Czertok was a part of a small team at HP that launched a new computing category that went from $0 – $1 Billion in 1 year. Illana Fraines has been developing software for years and worked for CBS, while Lawrence Lanoff has numerous patents to his name that have generated over $30 Million in sales to date.

The Opportunity that TokenAI Presents

We all now have the opportunity to utilize blockchain technology and artificial intelligence through TokenAI’s solution which takes this burden off of our shoulders, allowing us to focus on what we’re good at.

Think of TokenAI as an investment platform that will allow new people to enter the cryptocurrency market in a more effective way rather than just throwing money at a random ICO or experiment your friend tells you about.

Trading and selling cryptocurrencies are something most of us are not very good at but with TokenAI we can now utilize wall-street tools and get into the cryptocurrency market with an effective solution.

To get more info on TokenAI and learn about their upcoming token sale check out their website and whitepaper.

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