Hetvi Karia: The Journey With Team Wizard Media

In today’s world, technology is fast growing and the competition that prevails among the various social media and digital marketing consultants are undeniable. Although, with equality that is constantly being executed, women have always been shunted to the sides as they try to reach the forefront.

Here, Hetvi Karia, the 21-year old digital marketing consultant is going places with her extraordinary talent at handling digital media marketing at ease amidst the biased mentality towards women in particular. She is the Co-Founder of the leading digital marketing company, Team wizard media and is the Women President of the South Mumbai Crime Prevention Department.

Quite passionate as she is, Hetvi chose her career in interior designing before entering the marketing field. But, as time progressed she realised that she could be earning along with pursuing her degree. That was when she turned to online digital marketing which she saw as the best opportunity to showcase her talent as well as profit from it.

When Hetvi began to work for team wizard media, she had to put in extra efforts to achieve points of success as she never had any prior experience to it. With every step that followed, she found herself learning the various aspects of digital marketing through her company dealings and client contracts. With Team wizard media, she was able to engage herself with thousands of Bollywood celebrities, budding entrepreneurs and various national brands.

Through team wizard media, she intends to make use of the opportunity and neverending possibilities of digital marketing that can help in promoting and increasing the sales of different businesses as well as stand by celebrities to expand their accountability with the audience.

With growing success, she has fired up her goals and is leaning towards more strategical planning in order to make use of the newest possible perspectives to digital marketing. Making up her mind towards escalating her career to heights that one could dream of, Hetvi is determined enough to conquer what she aspires. She has put her heart and soul into creating a name for herself against all the odds. Hetvi says, “Nothing or no one has ever made me feel that something is impossible. even at times when i doubted my presence of mind, i knew i could take this forward and finish the work in time. That belief was all that it took me to reach here.

According to Hetvi, the confidence of her clients on her abilities is the biggest highlight of her career and team wizard media. She hopes that she is able to learn from the setbacks that she had to endure on her way to success and walk towards a brighter future.

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