Himanshu Hirpara Is a Selfless Social Worker Whose Heart Bleeds for the Poor.

Not many of the crowd tend to live their lives as per their set ideals. Also, people and groups tend to remain in the minority who move away from the usual ways of working and making money. In such a world, we have a young man called Himanshu Hirpara(Born 19/06/1996) who thinks of the better of people and society at large.

After completing his graduation in business administration in 2016, he did not plan to enter the corporate office. He was always inclined towards social work and wanted to tread this path. Thus listening to his heart, he headed to serve the society.

He joined the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti to serve the interests of the poor . At PAAS, he fulfilled his duties meticulously and now he is serving as their Nikol, Ahmedabad convenor. He says he believes that if you are true to your cause, you will work hard to further it.

He believes in the idea that when you are true to the cause and work hard, things will start working for you. Soon his passion in social work amplified and he joined a bigger group called Unity of Youngistaan Foundation. He leveraged the platform to expand his NGO activities.

During the lockdown last year, when the daily wage workers were turning to their respective homes and were found with no food, he along with his group were at the forefront to distribute food packets to people. They distributed not less than 500 food packets on a daily basis.

He counts more on humanity and feels that it is above every religion, race, caste and other divisions found in our society. He keeps Mahatma Gandhi as his ideal and takes inspiration from him and Sardar Valllabbhai Patel. He claims that whatever work he does in social life is a tribute to these two men from Gujarat who have made exceptional contributions for the country.

Professionally he is a graphic designer and a web developer and runs his firm called Greenleaf Communications. He is involved in designing campaigns for various politicians and political parties. You can catch more about him from his Instagram handle – @himanshuhirpara.

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