Himanshu Sharma’s Musician Alter-Ego James Auster Rises in Popularity, Thanks To His Unique Music

The music industry offers a variety of styles which gives listeners the luxury of choosing the ones that will suit their taste. However, there are music fans who like it better when songs are more dynamic, giving their quality a big boost. This is where the beauty of beat-making becomes magnified through the efforts of artists like James Auster who is rising in the industry right now.

Music remixes and beat-mixing in recent years have become a desirable skill for success for artists around the world. This style gives the people behind it more room for creativity which James has taken full advantage of in his young career. Beat mixing has a great appeal, especially with younger audiences who are more inclined to gain access to modern music through the internet.

Social media has allowed young but promising artists all over the world to be discovered by casual audiences and major companies. Music, in particular, has been more widely accessible through online platforms and music companies have easier time marketing over the internet. Independent artists are also given the ability to manage themselves because of the less demanding management requirements for producing music online.

James is one of those artists who started their careers after a series of trending videos on different social media sites. In particular, he made a lot of buzz on Instagram and TikTok that paved the way for his eventual mainstream success. His fame spilled over to other social networking sites like Facebook, which further helped his website grow quickly.

As a child, James listened to a variety of music and learned to appreciate all of them. He took some inspiration from various artists to create his own compositions of the best songs. Now, he is known as a multifaceted beat maker that smartly samples other songs to get his creative thoughts flowing.

Interestingly, the name James Auster was a name that was thought of by Himanshu Sharma as a pseudonym. He wanted to carry this persona’s name he created from his childhood imagination. This shows how much time and passion he invested not only to create his own music but also to create his own persona.

After his trending uploads on various social media platforms, James decided to release his music online. One of his earlier works, a song called “Aztac World”, gained 12,000 streams just a few days after it was released. He then decided to release the song on Spotify, where it had similar success. Currently, James has launched his own record label JA Records, commercially released four songs, and looks to release over ten more in the near future.

James is working on a new album that is planned to be released within the next year under JA Records. This is something he and the JA Records team consider as their biggest project yet. Once materialized, he wants to dedicate the finished product to his fans, who fuel his passion for making music. James’ rising popularity is very much deserved by the young man not only because of his talent but because of his dedication and hard work.

You can follow him on Twitter.

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