Hip Hop Artist DarwinLives Is Using His Past Experiences to Handcraft His Music Career

DarwinLives is ready to tackle the music world.

DarwinLives was always known as a risk-taker when he was raised in Uptown Manhattan, New York. He was known for this from a young age and even got expelled from his 6th-grade private school for it. After moving to a public school, he found his passion for two things: music and sports. He had been putting all his time into his baseball career and making music on the side. He decided to pass on music when he went to play baseball in the Dominican Republic. That’s until he suffered a career-ending injury to his shoulder that would put an end to his chances of being drafted to the MLB.

 After deciding to go back to get his associate’s degree, DarwinLives soon found himself scrambling for more in life than a degree had to offer. He got a text from his friend Alex one day before he was about to earn his associate’s degree, who told him that he had just earned $40,000 with his smartphone. A thought popped up in his head when DarwinLives learned about this skill and gave him the idea of generating money by partnering with Alex and using the cash to fuel his music career.

Now, DarwinLives is shifting from one of his two passions to the other, which he was unable to follow before: making music. He loves classic New York hip hop’s rhythm and flow. He tries as much as possible to work it into his songs while also adding his own special twist on it. He wants people to realize that being different is a good thing.  You can sound different and look different while still finding your place. DarwinLives understands what it’s like to be lost in your life path at times, but if you’re true to yourself, life will finally get you to where you need to go.

DarwinLives has created the perfect momentum heading into the new year, having recently launched a handful of songs at the end of 2020. He’s got a lot of music in the works, including a full-length album for the summer of 2021 on deck. To take his career to the next level, this self-sufficient artist puts in the effort. There’s no telling how large of an influence DarwinLives will have on the industry with a rising fan base and a strong money supply. Keep an eye on him to see just how far he goes.

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