Hitting the headlines again, Prike Media founder Nishant Piyush met internet celebrity Mr Faisu.

So much is happening around us every day; we see something new on the web space in the entertainment columns about the lives and current happenings of our favorite celebs. Some of them have decided to be out of the country to get their peace back, while some others are still working in their respective niches and making sure to provide value to people through their work.

Topping the name of such individuals is Mr. Faisu, who, as a well-known influencer and now an Internet celebrity, keeps entertaining his audiences with his talents and skills and on the other hand, Nishant Piyush is no behind. He is the founder of his firm Price Media, which has been in the news across Dubai for all the right reasons. But what happened when these highly talented individuals and professionals bumped into each other?

Well, when two young energies meet, one can expect an explosion of ideas all at once. These two youngsters are doing exceedingly well in their niches and now have earned a special place for themselves in the hearts of the audiences and their clients as well, which has automatically increased their stocks in the industry.

Prike Media’s head honcho Nishant Piyush, an astute digital marketer and entrepreneur with his firm, a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, excelling at PR, SEO, social media, and the like, again made headlines by meeting the individual who has taken the social media platforms by storm, Faisal Shaikh, popularly known as Mr. Faisu. They recently met each other and discussed on length many new things and several other opportunities, which can further propel them both forward in the digital space.

However, our sources tell us that Nishant Piyush’s company Price Media will now be coming forward to market a new song by Mr. Faisu. This news is already spreading like wildfire and their fans can’t keep calm about the latter’s song.

Till then, we will have to wait to see how these two young talents collaborate and bring something new to the table for the audiences.

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