$hock Medusa’s Journey of Acquiring Fame is Amazingly Inspiring

A name that is all geared up to become a brand in itself, $hock Medusa is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist garnering great deal of attention from all around the globe. Gaining traction on varying eminent platforms, the music being engendered by him is a consequence of his illustriousness and diligence.

Having received over a quarter million views on Spotify alone, and with posts only in single digits on is social media profiles, particularly Instagram, he has already attracted 20,000 followers. But what has disarrayed the news is him rising to the dais so soon:

From Shakor to $hock Medusa:

Born on 26 Jan 1995, as “Shakor”, at the Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York on, his name resembled a similarity with that of the hip-hop legend- “ Tupac Shakur,” it came as obvious, with Shakor being influenced by the hip-hop world. “Shakor” eventually evolved into “$hock,” a nickname given by friends close to Shakor. Furthermore, “Medusa” was introduced as an addition, consequently, the formation of the artist-$hock Medusa.

Actively swayed by the music industry since quite a young age, he was greatly influenced and mesmerized by the artists like 50 Cent, one of his most significant musical influences. While others of his age got involved in trivial matters, $hock Medusa at the mere age of 12 commenced his career, performing small scale gigs and DJing.  $hock Medusa dedicates and credits a great deal of his musical influence originating from his hometown, Brooklyn, New York.

But that was a mere start for what was about to unfurl. In 2013, during his high school, the consummate skillset he had acquired, led him to procure the first-ever paid gig as a musician. This marked the pioneering step for him making him to realize his real worth.

Entering high school, he already had a blueprint envisioned for the empire he wanted to build around entertainment, music, and fashion. Since then, he has been working relentlessly to share his talents with the world. His passions have driven him throughout his rise to the top as he navigates the music industry.

The unstoppable Career:

$hock Medusa, presently having earned the blue badge of verification, vouching for his fame, has also gathered great appreciation for his matchless talent and expertise. A consequence of his growing fame is the exponentially soaring fan following.

With fame knocking on his doorstep, he has been now regarded as an eminent artist, being verified on streaming platforms like Spotify, alongside dominating the hip-hop world, for a start. Not limiting himself to being a singer, Shakor has been a marvel entrepreneur as well. Having released 30 singles on a global level and also having collaborating with sundry prominent artist, he has been showcasing adeptness like no other. 

Being an entrepreneur with a top-notch mindset, he is the founder of TheRealShockTV, a global entertainment platform elevating entertainment and music production. It serves as a platform through which he shares his inventiveness by working alongside celebs and musicians.

TheRealShockTV;’s fame skyrocketed in 2016 when $hock Medusa began touring with the late hip-hop artist AD the General. While touring together, $hock Medusa worked closely with AD the General throughout the production and editing of her music videos.

Currently, $hock Medusa latest summer release “ENERGY MAN” has swayed his fans, getting thousands of streams.The globe waits to witness such a talent rise to great heights.

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