Hollywood Hair Bar

TiffanyRose Dean has made a name for herself in the world of entrepreneurship

Hollywood Hair Bar
Hollywood Hair Bar

After only two years in business, the 40-year-old CEO and founder of Hollywood Hair Bar, TiffanyRose Dean, has made a name for herself in the world of entrepreneurship, declaring herself the CJ Walker of the twenty-first century. The former celebrity fashion stylist-costume designer, with 20yrs in the entertainment industry, took the biggest step and decided to leave everything she knew behind and venture into a business she had never worked in before.

With only what she termed as her gift beyond everything else, branding, she decided to take the leap of faith, hoping that her knowledge of knowing what people want and creating brands and consumer goods would pay off. TiffanyRose drew her inspiration from women who suffered from hair loss. She wants to fix the problem of alopecia, especially among women who continue wearing hairstyles like cornrows and weaves that do more damage to their hair. She also wants to make women feel good about themselves with natural hair care products guaranteed to work.

However, the road to where her company is today has not been an easy one. She has had to fight naysayers and internet opinions that have doubted her product line. Despite the challenge of proving her brand is the best hair regrowth product line, Hollywood Hair Bar has made over 26 million sales with 20 million hit in 2020 alone, in the middle of a pandemic when the whole world was shut down. Her business is doing so well that it is in the top one percent of all online stores. Additionally, it is the top brand on email marketing with Klavio; it ranks the top brand with SMS with Attentive. Still, it is topping charts on Snapchat as the top black brand with SnapChat investing in major marketing with HHB and Snap. With high numbers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and ranking high with google shopping, Hollywood Hair Bar is just getting started on its road to greatness. Launching Skin Care (Hollywood Skin Bar), Hair Extensions (Hollywood Hair Bar TiffanyRose Collection), HHB Kids, HHB Men,, Candles (Hollywood Candle Bar), and going into the detox and weight loss world next (Hollywood Detox Bar), this company is the next big thing!


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