Home Remedies That Can Ensure A Termite-Free Home

You will be amazed at the widespread destruction that termites can cause by chewing through the wooden building structure and any other wooden item to access quickly. The tiny ant-like winged insects are real demons that can devastate homes with their immense ability to chew wood at an incredible speed while remaining completely invisible.

To prevent extensive damage, you should not wait for termites to make their presence felt in the form of small mounds of wood dust accumulated at various places of your home.

Instead, carry out a periodical home inspection to detect the problem before it sets in deep and call for Elite commercial pest control services to eradicate all kinds of pests from your home, especially termites.

If you detect termite infestation early, you can take some innovative preventive measures with some readily available items like antidotes to termites and deter them from invading your home. In addition, it will help you buy some time for organizing professional pest control treatment.


Vinegar is an excellent multipurpose material that can come in handy to fight termite infestation. Besides its well-known identity as a cleaning agent in the kitchen, it is effective in killing termites.

Prepare a solution of half cup of vinegar, squeeze two lemons in it and spray it in the areas affected by termite attacks and see how the acidic property of the solution kills termites instantly. Periodical vinegar spraying will prevent any termite attacks in between the pest control services.


Nematodes are tiny worms that act as predators for termites. Buy the worms online or from some specialty stores and release them at the places where you suspect termite infestation. The worms would be just too happy to feed on the termites and even start breeding so that in no time, the army of Nematodes eliminates the termite population, which then becomes extinct, at least in your home.

Orange oil

Orange oil contains the chemical d-limonene, which is lethal for termites. The oil made from orange peels is available from the home improvement stores or garden stores.

The oil is so dangerous for termites that it dissolves the exoskeletons of the insects that suck away the protein and moisture and makes sure that termites meet their end.

Spraying the oil in areas infested by termites or on the pests directly will have the same effect. Spraying the oil along the line where the floor intersects with the walls of the building will create an effective barrier to prevent termites from entering your home.

Perimeter barrier

Installing a perimeter barrier for your home, usually at the time of construction or even later, can serve as a deterrent to termites that will find it difficult to reach your home.

For example, dig a shallow trench along the boundary of your home and put the barrier inside. Using the appropriate barrier materials makes it possible to prevent subterranean termites from making tunnels to reach your home.

Although regular pest control services effectively prevent termite infestation, the above measures ensure that you leave nothing to chance when it comes to termite extermination.

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