Horacio Aguilar on Being a Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Horacio Aguilar

It’s always great to hear from different stylists in the fashion industry who not only have a passion for fashion, but also offer a fresh vision to styling. Horacio Aguilar, born and raised in Mexico, is a celebrity fashion stylist based out in Los Angeles. Having only started styling 4 years ago, Aguilar’s work has been published in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Ellements NY, and Grazia, with his client list including Olivia Culpo, Adrienne Bailon, and Candace Cameron.

Aguilar’s love for fashion styling took place a few years ago when he would volunteer at beauty pageants. Being exposed to the fashion and glamorous gowns of these contests encouraged him to go into the industry. His first step towards his career was going to school to become a fashion designer. While attending Fullerton College, he interned at a showroom where he had the opportunity to network with stylists and photographers, and fell in love with the styling process. Within 3 months of starting his styling career, he got to work with Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo.

When it comes to his styling process, Aguilar finds inspiration in many things such as social media, television, billboards, and what strangers are wearing on the streets. Depending on the project, client, and media platform, Aguilar also highlights how important it is for him to prepare before walking into any styling appointments, and how styling some looks beforehand can really make a difference. The best part of it all for him is to be able to communicate his ideas creatively through fashion and to see his vision of any look come to life. To be able to see his work published in any form of media is always inspiring, and it gives him the motivation to keep on going.

All stylists are different in their artistic vision, creativity, and perceptions of fashion. Some stylists prefer to not follow trends and instead, go against the grain and only communicate their ideas. When asked about his thoughts on trends, Aguilar said that he likes to incorporate a few because he believes that it “catches the eyes of the public,” especially those who like to be trend-savvy and “fashion-forward.” Sometimes, a stylist can be the one setting the trends, especially when styling a client with a loyal fanbase. While he does incorporate a few trends, his favorite detail to add to some of his looks are gloves that can increase the elegance of any outfit.

Some insight that Aguilar can offer when it comes to being a fashion stylist is to start off as an assistant, which is the best way to learn about styling, the industry, and the people. Starting off in an industry will never be simple, and there are always those who will take advantage of those who are starting out. But if you learn to discern what projects to accept, and follow your dreams, you too can be successful as a stylist. For Aguilar, he hopes to soon style A-listers, especially Scarlett Johansson, and to have his own showroom, eventually starting his own fashion brand.

Although Aguilar’s personal style is more LA casual on most days with his go-to outfit being a pair of jeans with sneakers and a tee-shirt, there is no doubt that he creates magic with his styling. Keep up with his beautiful styling projects on his Instagram and his personal website, and keep an eye out on his upcoming project, a photoshoot in Grazia magazine.

Horacio Aguilar

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