Hospitality Guru Saad Alami Rahmouni Prepares for Travel Comeback

As the world slowly returns to a normal state, with restrictions decreasing each month, vacations from this prolonged staycation are becoming more common, especially among celebrities and high society. Kylie Jenner, Addison Rae, the Biebers, Drake, and more have captured their worldly travels via Instagram. This is good news for entrepreneur and travel guru Saad Alami Rahmouni, who owns and operates Worldwide Luxury Concierge LLC. The Miami-based hospitality impresario, who worked every angle of the nightlife sector, from promoter to sales to owner, caters to the famed and fortunate with his expertise on VIP accommodations.

“When I moved to Miami nearly a decade ago, I had already been working in the hospitality business since I was 15, so I had racked up a solid client list,” Rahmouni said. “People trusted me because I always delivered, and I never scammed anyone. I take pride in making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable with my services.”

Rahmouni has been successful in this industry because he maintains relationships with his clients. His reception and entertainment services are not limited to Miami. If his clients visit an unfamiliar place, Rahmouni seeks ways to get them situated and comfortable. Rahmouni has made connections almost everywhere through his years abroad and personal travel voyages.

On a typical day, the phone calls and e-mails are interminable. Rahmouni prepares nearly every moment for his clients, from arrival to departure. He handles everything, even the seemingly impossible. Helicopter to dinner to avoid traffic, Rahmouni could make it happen. Most of all, with Rahmouni’s services, there are never any delays, and his clients never hear the word “wait list.”

“I know what my clients like and what they expect because I have navigated the high society scene for years,” Rahmouni said. “Everything I offer is luxury status. I know every boat dealer, restaurant owner, club owner, private jet dealer, anyone of importance to my clients. Only the best of the best for people who work with me.”

It is all about integrity for Rahmouni. If other businesspeople provide Rahmouni with resources, he does the same. He is not an egotist; he genuinely cares for people that reciprocate. Business relationships are a two-way street, and Rahmouni always holds up his end of the deal.

“I feel it is important to make connections in every industry that deals with hospitality and entertainment so that my clients can have anything they want,” Rahmouni said. “I also think of everyone I work with as a family; we all help each other out. Particularly in these times, we are looking out for one another.”

Rahmouni is making up for lost time and finances consequential of COVID-19. He actively reaches out and checks in with everyone he works with to ensure readiness and compliance for upcoming travel. With the holidays approaching, Rahmouni predicts many of his clients will opt for more exclusive accommodations. He expects Airbnbs and rental houses to be favorable, so he is planning ahead and securing suitable spots. Though Rahmouni seldom takes on new clients, with a necessary financial comeback, you may be fortunate to work with him in the coming months.

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