Hossein Nour, the new Talent of Persian Rap

Persian rap has witnessed strange chaos these days, and with the release of various diss and diss back, underground rap has revived.

Last week we saw the battle of two famous rappers, Sohrab Mj and Reza Pishro, who competed with Habil and Qabil in this field of music.

This week, however, we suddenly saw the release of “Admin 3+” music by “Hossein Nour“, which had a lot of reflections.

The reason for this diss, media coverage was direct to the famous Iranian rapper and hip hop artist Amir Maghsoudloo (Amir Tataloo).  The music lasted more than 12 minutes, during which Hossein Nour mocked Amir Tataloo and finally said that it was time to settle accounts. This is because Tataloo insulted his family several times and threatened him several times.

After the release of this music, we witnessed the unavailability of Amir Tataloo‘s official page on Instagram, and this case was very suspicious, but Hossein Nour did not react to this.

In this music, Hossein Nour has thrown pieces toTataloo several times with his creativity and using some of his music. Most people who know Hossein Nour are aware that he has won this fight and we can see this superiority in various sites.

These clashes started with the music of “Admin 1” and it was paid more and more day by day.

After the beginning of this music, Tataloo lost its popularity in Iran and people became interested in his music. Hossein Nour has more than 1 millionfollowers on his Instagram and is getting closer to world fame day by day.

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