Hourglass Collective Reveals Incubator and Billionaire Jeff Mahony as Chairman

Jeff Mahony and his wife Mila

Hourglass ($WAIT) is a decentralized, community-driven token with renounced ownership that was stealth launched August 19th 2022 by an anonymous developer no longer involved. The community has been busy building during the bear but the wait is over.  The project has now announced the launch of the Hourglass Collective Incubator program and a billionaire Chairman, Jeff Mahony. 

The Collective and Incubator led by a group of community members plans to leverage partnerships in media, entertainment, retail brands, and tech. The goal of the Incubator program is to elevate the Web3 space and bring blockchain technology to a much wider audience. Hourglass has already finished filming of The Next Crypto Gem tv series that features highly recognizable cast members including Brian D. Evans, Layah Heilpern, George Tung, among many others. The show has been scheduled for a season 2 and is expected to bring blockchain to millions outside the crypto circle. 

The newly announced Incubator program will provide select projects with guidance and growth strategies. These projects will become part of the Hourglass ecosystem and utilize the $WAIT token as their exclusive utility token. 

Over the next few weeks, the first 5 projects to participate in the Incubator will be announced on various social channels. Beyond the first five, the list is growing of projects waiting to join. Hourglass community member and The Next Crypto Gem Executive Producer, Jett Tang, will serve as President of the Hourglass Collective and an all-star team of advisors will be announced very soon. Once word gets around that Jeff Mahony will act as Chairman and the community team Hourglass has assembled around him, they expect unlimited interest. 

A pioneer in the Fintech space, billionaire Jeff Mahony maintains several international banking relationships and has created and holds several patents, directly and indirectly. Mahoney is also a private investor and advisor for multiple companies in various industries including financial, healthcare, trucking, alcohol, mining, and more. 

Jeff Mahony and his wife, Mila
Jeff Mahony and his wife, Mila

As the co-founder and Chairman of SaveDaily Holdings Corp, Mahony has helped build a company that has been dominating the financial technology space for over 20 years. An API-based financial services tech firm, SaveDaily enables their partners with the tools needed to integrate digital investment solutions into their offerings. Their services are used by over 7,000 global companies as a SEC registered advisor.  SaveDaily provides support for over 16 million accounts, access to over 73,000 mutual funds and over 20,000 other financial instruments.

Mahony is also Managing Director of NEFT Vodka USA, Inc. where he is propelling an ultra-premium spirit in the vodka sector throughout the U.S. and internationally. NEFT hosts extravagant parties regularly attracting celebrities, influencers, tech CEOs and trending socialites. With ownership in several dozen companies, Mahony has over 30 years of experience building a vast array of sectors, developing A.I. and leading teams in the technology space.

“Jeff Mahony is among the most successful people outside of the Web3 space to ever enter the blockchain world with this strong of a commitment,” Hourglass Collective President Jett Tang commented. “The fact is, one of his 20+ companies, SaveDaily, has more institutional adoption than all of crypto combined. It’s an honor to work with Jeff regularly to grow Hourglass. With his leadership in our newly formed Incubator along with our soon to be announced advisor team, we are poised for explosive growth.”

As Chairman of the Hourglass Incubator program, Mahony will work toward enterprise integrations of Hourglass, the $WAIT token, and the Hourglass Incubator program. There will be direct investments into companies that go through the Incubator and use $WAIT as their exclusive utility token. Projects need connections and Mahony will facilitate an environment that joins them with their extensive network of industry leaders across marketing, blockchain, major events, technology, and retail brands. 

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