How 11 Days Can Change an Entrepreneur’s Life

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As a visibility strategist, I deal with business owners who want to become more visible online so that they can attract more clients to their businesses.

But, as they look at many successful entrepreneurs who seem to be growing their business using Social Media effortlessly, they get paralysed, overwhelmed, and discouraged.

“I cannot compete with that.”
“Why would anyone listen to me when they have these amazing people to follow?”
“I hate the way I look/sound on camera and photos.”
“My life is not THAT! I actually have to work hard!”

I get it, and I have been there, too. In 2016, when I made the decision to conquer Facebook and become visible globally so I no longer had to rely on working with myopic rural small businesses that surrounded me, the HOW was utterly unclear to me. All I saw were people who were crushing it, and none of my posts even had any interaction from my Facebook Page fans.

What I did not know then, and what I see so clearly looking back now, is that to succeed you need first to commit to starting to do whatever it takes. And this is not as easy as it sounds.

Yes, it is much more painful to feel insignificant when you are watching others shout out loud about their success – how much money they are making or, the favourite, that it is easy to make money online – while you are still struggling with zero inquiries coming in and no one engaging with the links to your blog that you are sharing on your Business Page.

You feel confused.
You feel cheated.

Someone did not tell you the secret. But there must be a secret. That one strategy, that one funnel, the one that those successful businesses are using. Days and months pass, and still, nothing is changing, and you may even feel like a complete failure, and you may be considering throwing in the towel, but something inside does not let you.

To me, listening to that voice inside was the best thing I have ever done. I saw clearly that, to get results, I needed to change drastically my attitude and my approach to getting “out there”. I practically “ditched” my Business Page on Facebook and started getting more and more active on my personal profile – first to connect to those who seemed to be ahead, but not unreachable, so I could watch what they were doing and learn from it.

My observation was clear – everyone I got excited about, everyone I followed, everyone I was ready to buy from, was using their personal profile and particularly video as the main tool for connecting with their audience. Livestreams, interviews, live trainings, and even webinars – it was all about video, video, video…

I am not a stranger to performing on stage, but talking at a piece of plastic in my office was entirely new territory to me. It took me six months thinking about it before something happened that changed my business, and even more, changed my life.

As a huge personal growth hacker, I am always looking for ways to grow. In early 2017, I happened to join a Facebook group run by an Irish motivational speaker named Pat Divilly. Shortly after, Pat decided to run a 7-day live video challenge, and I decided to take a chance and explore the whole idea of doing live video on Facebook. After about 3 days, I was feeling comfortable, and by the end of 7 days, I was practically hooked! I needed more…

Thankfully, Pat had another challenge in mind. This time, it was something to exercise consistency, and we were challenged to do something for 30 days straight. Guess what I decided to do?

I committed to going live every day for thirty days, sharing different personal development and law of Attraction techniques I had learned. I had no idea that these thirty days would be something that started a complete life overhaul.

The truth is, on day 4 of my challenge, my family had been shaken with the news that no one wants to receive. My husband was diagnosed with cancer. It was lymphoma, stage 4, rapidly progressing, and nobody could tell what was going to happen or if it was treatable. To add more drama, if possible, all this happened three weeks before our thirteen-year-long engagement would finally be over with a beautiful romantic wedding.

I felt breathless, dizzy, choking, numb, tearful, in denial, and desperate all at the same time. That was the day when I made the decision that was the oddest and the craziest, yet the only one that I should have made – and I never regretted it since.

I decided to do everything I had to create a location independent, Facebook-based business (another odd decision dictated by my inner voice) and, more importantly, I decided to give zero energy to cancer.

And that is precisely what I did. I continued my challenge and went live every day, documenting my journey, the way I was coping with the situation, sharing insights, mindset shifts, sharing my dreams, and what I believed in.
At the end of the thirty days, I had built a small audience, about a hundred and twenty followers: grateful, loyal people who were hanging on my every word. People who needed me and my videos. This is how I knew I would touch hundreds of thousands of lives with my new business direction.

This is how it started. First, getting over the initial discomfort of feeling “exposed” on video, and later exercising the most important element of achieving anything – consistency.

Two years on, and my life is transformed.

I work with clients and students from Chile to Singapore, from New Zealand to Nova Scotia. I teach them strategies that I have developed creating visibility on Facebook with the greatest assets I have – me, as a brand – and using the best tools there are for creating an emotional connection: video and writing.

Since my humble beginning, I have developed my own signature 11-day live video challenge that does much more than the name suggests. It is designed to draw out the confidence to stand out, to claim your place in the online space, to be ready, and look forward to getting your voice heard – firmly and fearlessly! To exercise consistency and discipline, to take action before having clarity, to stop overthinking, to learn that daily baby steps take you further than the occasional burst followed by a period of inaction.

This is how I can change an entrepreneur’s life in just eleven days.
Like I changed mine back in 2017.
Like those lives I am helping to change, day after day, month after month. This is why I say, if you join one of my live video challenges, the transformation is guaranteed!

How would that transformation feel for you? What would your life look like?

I can promise you – it is the best thing I have ever done, and it could be the best thing you do.

(If you want to learn more or even better take a leap of faith and let me guide you through one of my live video challenges – click here.)

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