How 16-Year-Old Ben Cloud Became the CEO of a Specialty-Grade Coffee Company

Entrepreneurship seems to be all the hype to today’s younger generation as more students hope to one day run their ventures by the time they come of age.

And then there are those like Ben Cloud who refuse to wait for “the right time” and start their businesses even when society says they’re “too young” to start. Hence, the sixteen-year-old has now established Clouds Coffee Company, a premium coffee supplier that’s growing fast and reaching new heights.

Clouds Coffee Company was once but a dream for its founder and CEO, Ben Cloud. Today, the business is performing stellarly on the market and becoming a household name in the coffee industry.

The brand’s specialty-grade coffee is some of the most well-known 100% organic and hand-picked coffee in some circles across the country. It’s interesting how at some point, Ben disliked coffee.

“I remember when it tasted like pure dirt,” shares Ben. “After a while, I gained the courage to try my mother’s coffee she made every morning at 6 AM before the sun was up. At that point, coffee was just another drink, but I eventually began to develop a passion for the combination of dried coffee cherries and hot water.”

Soon, that love would grow into a pool of ideas for a venture startup. Before that point, Ben already had aspirations of becoming a business owner. He looked up to entrepreneurs and those that “decide to swim upstream” as the young CEO would put it.

For the most part, Ben’s yearning was solely to stand out. His passions and interests changed throughout his life, but he has always remained constant on his goal of being an early adopter. Moreover, he is singular in his desire to inspire those around him, seeking purpose and destiny all his life.

Ultimately, those values would lead to the birth of Clouds Coffee Company. The business exists to elevate people’s love and awareness of quality and excellence by exemplifying it through an outstanding cup of Joe.

The company is the product of years of studying various ways of growing, roasting, and distributing high-quality coffee. Moreover, the business stands as a testament to great branding. Ben Cloud has succeeded at creating more than a product— he has developed an image that people love connecting and being associated with.

Whether it’s Cloud Coffee’s Bali Blue, Bourbon Barrel Aged, Caramel Creme, or Mexican Chocolate beans, every bag of coffee delivers an outstanding experience with each cup.

The business also provides top-level fulfillment, ensuring that every bag gets shipped directly after it’s sealed. As young as he is, Ben has mastered business operations and marketing. He has also learned all aspects needed to develop a successful business venture.

Cloud hopes that his venture would inspire more young entrepreneurs to be motivated to chase their passions, or any business for that matter.

He also hopes that people who hear about his story will find the motivation to overcome false stigmas and external discouragement. The young CEO continues to strive for business excellence and hopes to make Clouds Coffee a brand that people worldwide will love and support.

To learn more about Clouds Coffee Company and Ben Cloud, visit their official website.

Photo Credit: Shawnee Mission Post

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