How 17-Year-Old Hudson Shapiro Became an E-Commerce Pro

Deciding what you want to do with your life can be a challenge. Year after year, surveys of college students reveal that at least two-thirds of them struggle to decide on an educational path, and more than half change their major at least once. If you are a young adult with a solid career plan, you are automatically ahead of the game. This means 17-year-old E-Commerce specialist Hudson Shapiro, with years of experience already under his belt, is practically writing the rules. His success provides many valuable tips for young entrepreneurs looking to find their niche.

Hudson’s story begins at age 10. While most of his peers were interested in hanging out with friends, he was beginning to be drawn into the world of business. “I have always had a natural inclination to be constantly working on or creating something”, he says of his youth. This predisposition for making something new first took the form of YouTube channels and quickly morphed into being his own boss. After experimenting with a few short-term projects aimed at quick cash gain, he narrowed his focus and discovered the satisfaction of creating lasting projects with long-term objectives. Presently, Shapiro has used his skill set to hone in on a few key projects. He is co-founder of the full-service client-based E-commerce company EcomNerds and the co-founder of Dupuytrensco, a company responsible for creating the first-ever all-natural remedy for Dupuytren’s contracture and hand soreness. With all of his incredible achievements, it pays to look at how he got to where he is today.

Find a Focus

Hudson found his footing with a streamlined business approach. He tries to stay focused on his current projects instead of running with every idea, allowing his ventures to grow from his dedication. In the case of Dupuytrensco, Hudson found a focus on family inspiration. The business was founded out of a desire to find a better solution for his father, grandfather, and uncles, all of whom are affected by Dupuytren’s Disease. Dupuytren’s Disease, also known as Dupuytren’s Contracture (DC), causes bumps and scarring on the connective tissue in the palm of the hand. DC can progress and cause the cords to thicken and contract, making the fingers curl in restrictively and be unable to fully extend. With only invasive and risky options available to treat this painful and often debilitating condition, Hudson focused on helping find alternative treatments. Working with natural and homeopathic doctors, they were successful in developing a cream to reduce the pain and stiffness. That triumph grew into the forming of a family business aimed at helping others with similar conditions. 

Hudson agrees that finding a focus was a huge component of his current success. The best piece of advice he was ever given, he says, was “not spreading yourself too thin and really dialing in on one or two main projects. Even the greatest entrepreneurs have a hard time juggling multiple ventures. Due to my early success, I have been fortunate to be presented with lots of opportunities; the key is picking the ones you really believe in and focusing your attention and your efforts.” 

Gauge Your Surroundings

When his interest in business grew, Hudson knew a great idea was only part of the equation. To really make an idea work, you need to position it in the right environment. While entrepreneurs in the past often found the most success with brick-and-mortar retail, Hudson knew the key to his success was going to lie in E-commerce, leading him to open EcomNerds. “The role of e-commerce has been changing dramatically over the last 5 years, and its acceleration has increased even more with the COVID-19 crisis. E-commerce businesses are being more heavily relied on than ever before.” Acknowledging the shifting trends towards the digital market space both now and in the future is a crucial consideration for new businesses. 

Love the Process

While creating a new business takes hard work and dedication to bring an idea to life, Hudson stresses the importance of loving the process. “Not everything in entrepreneurship is going to be as glamorous and fun as it is often portrayed. Do it if you genuinely love the process, not the end result. Start off with a cash flow business, solely created to maximize short-term profits, something with a low initial investment. Use the proceeds to create something you love working on, a business you’re passionate about. It might even end up being the cash flow business you started.” That passion, as Hudson notes, will give you the drive and motivation you need to succeed. 

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