How 5900LOU Made a Come up out of Chicago

An extraordinary entrance into the music industry

Growing up in the west side of Chicago, 5900LOU has experienced the worst of the street life. The MC has survived the being a ward of the state, being raised by a single mother, and many other obstacles that have been in the way of his success as an individual. Through all the hardship, 5900LOU has recently been focused on his career as an artist.

In 2018, 5900LOU offered up his first ever single titled ‘More Bucks’. He’s taken an even bigger step by making his debut to all major streaming platforms with 3 new singles in 2021. 5900LOU takes his real-life struggles and accurately sheds light on everything he has been through. Something only artists who have truly been through it have the ability to do.

Shortly after his debut single dropped, 5900LOU lost one of his best friends and the person who encouraged him to begin rapping in the first place. The same friend spent time in LOU’s cell while he was incarcerated. This tragic loss pushed 5900LOU to go even harder at his craft, putting him into overdrive.

Now a free man, 5900LOU is actively working on new music. The artist has been out to a hot start in 2021, releasing 3 new singles that have been streamed over 30,000 times on Spotify alone.

5900LOU the embodiment of perseverance, showcasing how truly remarkable an individual can be if they just don’t give up themselves.

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