How Alex Smetana became a King of Viral Content in Just 5 Years

Alex Smetana is 20 years old now, but got his big start on Instagram when he was just 15. Back then, he wasn’t as refined with his content creation strategies as he is now, but it was immediately clear that he knew how to capture an audience’s attention. His viral content soon became incredibly popular, earning him the title of becoming a viral influencer. Today, he boasts having an Instagram network of pages that has reached a combined total of nearly 15 million followers.

Digital marketing was a natural step for Alex to take once he was noticing just how popular his content had become. That’s why he started up a digital marketing agency that helps brands and influencers get larger followings by posting viral content. He’s amassed quite a bit of experience over the years, considering that he has been doing this since he was just 15 years old. Today, his main goal is to help others expand their reach, grow their engagement levels, and get more leads and sales.

Alex sees two ways to use social media platforms like Instagram: share viral content and be involved in content marketing. These two can sometimes go hand-in-hand as well. What Alex does is help his clients, who are now located all over the world, to develop their personal brands from the ground up.

Regardless of what industry you may be in, Alex can help you plug into your niche and become a mover and shake in it. Instagram has become incredibly popular to use when it comes to monetizing accounts. That’s something Alex knows how to do, and has helped many others do so. He also teaches people what it takes to convert all that new traffic they are getting into leads that can result in them making money.

From start to finish, Alex walks his clients through the process of becoming successful on social media. He loves doing it and will probably be doing it for some time to come. Getting his clients featured in major publications like FOX, Forbes, ABC, and others is something he has done numerous times.

These days, Alex has a well-designed viral social media growth strategy that applies advanced content marketing techniques that increase engagement and growth. Businesses and brands can easily develop their personal brands in their respective niches, helping them expand their reach and turn their accounts into moneymaking machines.

Within the span of five years, Alex has managed to get nearly 15 million followers across all his Instagram pages. He also runs a successful digital marketing agency that helps brands and influencers alike to become more successful in using social media as the marketing tool it has become. Social media is a complex field to navigate, and can take some time to get off the ground. However, Alex assures that it will pay off in the long run.

You can reach out to Alex on his Instagram page to learn more about how he can help you.

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