How a 27-Year-Old From Vienna Generated Over €10 Million in Online Sales

You may often come across blogs where people share their stories about overcoming multiple hurdles in life before becoming successful. Every story is inspiring in its way, but what Dominik Schweda has managed to achieve at the age of 27 will leave you awestruck. 

Born and brought up in Vienna, Austria, Dominik Schweda started showing qualities of being a risk-taker from a young age. He was never afraid of taking chances, but things weren’t working out as intended in his professional life. In 2016, Dominik decided that enough was enough. He gathered €2,500 and dove into the field of digital marketing without any experience. He didn’t even know how to run a company back then. Every step came as a trial and error for Dominik, but he refused to give up. 

With only €2,500, he not only started his own digital marketing company but also taught himself the various tricks of this industry. This experience of learning everything from scratch helped Dominik grasp the different aspects of digital marketing. His knowledge reflected on his first venture in an ecommerce brand. It went on to make a revenue of €1 million in just six months. 

Steps Towards Success 

How did Dominik achieve so much at only 27? Well, the highlight of Dominik Schweda and his company is a set of unique marketing strategies. He and his team use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok to attract high-quality traffic into the online stores they work with. Their core focus is converting traffic into actual customers and loyal brand advocates. 

And it’s not just social media; the hallmark of their success is their genius marketing strategy. They don’t stick to a single marketing technique. The team is always looking for new channels that will drive targeted traffic to ecommerce sites. This includes e-mail and SMS marketing, influencer marketing, and using social media ads. The goal of Dominik’s company is simple – keep trying until you find the golden combination for success.  

With his first ecommerce brand making €1 million in 6 months, Dominik realized that this was the right industry for him. He soon started another company in 2018, called Adster Media Group. This is a holding company for many direct-to-consumer brands. It helped these companies eliminate the need to involve wholesalers, third-party retailers, or any middlemen that may take a profit cut from their businesses. 

This company became so popular that it has since made more than €10 million in online sales. Dominik now operates eight online stores running in 20 different countries. And he has achieved this only at 27 years old. Hard to believe. 

Current Situation of Digital Marketing

Having seen so much success, Dominik Schweda often faces the question of what he thinks of the present situation of digital marketing. In many of his interviews, Dominik says that several brands are still not making the most of digital marketing strategies like influencer marketing and social media ads. He feels that many entrepreneurs hesitate to try these marketing techniques because they may not provide instant results. According to Dominik, no marketing strategy offers overnight success. You need to have patience and work relentlessly on different digital marketing tactics to notice a difference in traffic and sales. 

Dominik advises everyone to go online and work on their digital presence in this lockdown due to COVID-19: “Let your audience know that your brand is around and will be back once the lockdown is over.” 

Dominik doesn’t focus on making money only for his company. Over time, he has also helped more than 50 entrepreneurs to start their online businesses and quit their jobs. He is a living inspiration for many who want to make it big in the ecommerce and digital marketing industry. If you want to get in touch with Dominik, the easiest way would be through his Instagram.

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