How Belief in Himself Let Deepak Pathak, Founder of Janalaxmi Design and Art to Build a Stellar Interior Design Agency

Deepak Pathak and his committed team understands that building a home is one of the biggest dreams of many, hence they take care of the individual needs of each who wants to build the space of their dreams with the maestros of interior design who are trusted by scores of nameworthy individuals with their hard-earned money accumulated over years.

Born in the Kalyan vicinity of Bombay, Deepak was schooled in Mumbai, post which he subsequently went for a job at Goa for two months, from where he began manifesting the idea of starting his interior design business as he sensed the huge market potential in this field.

He came back to Mumbai with this idea and incepted his firm ‘Rudra Builders and developers’, which began with a boom and soon started generating decent revenue, but slowly, the business couldn’t keep up and it was shut down.

This opportunity of founding and leading the firm gave him the required push to pursue his passion for interior designing he found the promising, one-stop destination that today leads by example.

The firm is called ‘Janalaxmi Designs & Art’ in 2017, the company has become the prime choice of many leading companies such as Wipro and has designed the dream houses, stores, offices of many top-notch clients.

Their USP?

 Partnering with several wooden vendors to create impeccable wooden interiors that are breathtaking in enhancing the overall look and feel of the property.

Deepak Pathak, other than being a courageous entrepreneur has also mapped more than half of India from Ladakh in North to further towards the extreme eastern states to the heart of India in Uttar Pradesh and Calcutta, Guwahati, he has championed the course of his business in the way he champions his road trips seamlessly.

 In a short span both Deepak Pathak and Janalaxmi designs have seen a tremendous increase in their growth patterns that have stemmed from consistent perseverance, unmatched performance, and a trust that they have acquired within all their customers which enables them to earn big projects and bigger paychecks.


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