How a Former Higher Education Dean Pursues her Passion and Becomes a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist and Shares How She Healed Her Dog And Now Heals Other Dogs (Cats) Around The World

A special bond between dog and man has been going on for millennia. Dogs are known as man’s best friend after all, and take part in many aspects of our lives. Some people consider dogs as our most loyal companions and best friends.. For real dog lovers, dogs are family members and not pets, they are part of the family..

Dogs help us in so many activities and adventures. Several medical facilities tap our furry friends’ assistance, as therapy dogs to provide affection and comfort to ill people. The emotional support dogs provide patients natural support, that they do not need any training.

That is why a former higher education college Dean,, Dr. Stephanie Krol, has embarked on a mission, world to keep dogs healthy and happy or help reverse disease states in them already created so they can live happy, healthy, pain-free lives. “Dogs have complex needs that go beyond love and affection,” Dr. Stephanie shared. She is passionate about providing pet wellness coaching to reverse disease and stop the pain of dogs worldwide. “I am here to teach dog owners how to optimize their dog’s health by carrying out a unique nutrition plan which is based on science and common sense,” she said. 


Who Is Dr. Stephanie?

Dr. Stephanie is well-known in the academic world for her excellence, professionalism and award winning schools and teams she has created. For a couple of decades, she served as a Professor and Dean of for-profit Higher Education Schools in Allied Health. She is an award-winning educator and a sought-after Dean.

After she moved on from academics, Dr. Stephanie pursued her passion for pet wellness and nutrition by becoming a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. She is the go-to person of dog (cat) owners to take good care of their dogs from the beginning or after they are having major health issues, to help reverse and restore their health. “I find the root cause of certain diseases afflicting pets. I provide pet owners a plan and education to reverse them,” she explained.

Dr. Stephanie developed a soft spot for animals at a young age. “I have always had a strong emotional connection with all animals; I am passionate about them,” she said. She recounted that while growing up, she planned to become a horse veterinarian. “I was only five years old when I started riding and jumping horses professionally. I started as a jumper,” she added.

For over 35 years, Dr. Stephanie had earned numerous championships at jumper shows, rallies, and Dressage awards as an equestrian. She was forced to retire her horse with one score shy of a bronze medal in Dressage because her horse suffered from navicular complications. “Seeing my horse in pain almost broke my heart,” she added. Even though we were able to reverse the pain and suffering with surgery, I was at such a high level of training, we just could not get the necessary scores for the movements. 

Dr. Stephanie was preparing to become an equine veterinarian. While in high school, she earned all the way through her C3 level (this was 6 levels) as a Pony Clubber. It is known as a prep program for children who aspire to be horse veterinarians. Then, she became a trained Veterinary Technician and Laboratory Technician at the age of 16. She held these roles through the first two years in college, while completing her first degree in B.A./ Psychology.  Supposedly, she was bound to become a veterinarian; however, life gave her a detour that led her to complete a doctorate in Education and become a Doctor of Education, then a Dean of Schools. 

Despite spending years in academia, Dr. Stephanie never lost her passion for pet wellness and love of dogs and horses. After she moved on from higher education, she once again was able to pursue a career in pet health and wellness once her dog fell drastically ill. Dr. Stephanie now provides coaching and consulting services to dog (cat) owners nationwide on reversing autoimmune diseases in people ans pets. She also helps dog owners in creating the proper raw diet for dogs. 

Dr. Stephanie is a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. She holds a Certification in Animal Behavior for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits, and holds an accreditation from the Association of Drugless Practitioners. Likewise, she is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals at the Professional standing. She is known as an avid dog and horse lover and a staunch advocate of animal rights.

The Love For Her Dog

Dr. Stephanie shared that she has a great dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, and shares in the book that. “He is brilliant, rambunctious, but with a great sense of humor for other dogs and people, as does Stephanie. He is my little crazed-weasel,” she said.

Both love to take a stroll in the dog park and on dog drives, “We pick on people who are not paying attention to their dogs. Winston loves to bark at them and wake them up. So we have so much fun together,” she narrated. Many people wave and laugh and some bark back because they can see how much fun he is having!

One day, Dr. Stephanie recounted that her dog began throwing up violently. She took him to the top veterinary specialty clinic near her home. “They told me that aging is catching up with my dog. He had a little fatty tumor on his right front leg, issues with his liver and they wanted to remove his spleen and if I didn’t he had 3-4 month to live and if I did the same amount of time. He was also having trouble seeing in the dark,” she said. Those were not just natural signs of aging. She left traumatized knowing he wasn’t the type of dog surgery would be good for as a biopsy showing no signs of cancer of both organs had changed his personality for over a month due to him being so traumatized by going to the vet, well now it was much worse.

“To be sure, she sought a second opinion from a top teaching school. The vet also said the same thing – it was just aging, and even though the results didn’t say cancer, it was likely so, and here are some antibiotics as we don’t know why he is throwing up. The vet told her that he needed surgery or his spleen would rupture. “But even with surgery, the vet told her she could still lose her best friend,” she added. Hearing the diagnosis was like a brutal blow to Dr. Stephanie. She felt that pain before when her horse died unexpectedly due to health complications, ans her dog is family and means everything to her..

However, Dr. Stephanie refused to give up on her boy. She was determined to reverse the disease, hew him, save his life and create a healthier lifestyle for him and regain his vitality. Dr. Stephanie investigated how to make her dog healthier again. Her effort paid off as she worked her way through consultations from the top disciplines in each field possible in veterinary science, along the way, she didn’t find anything to get to the root cause to reverse the disease and from her training as a Functional Medicine Practitioner for people, she discovered a unique nutrition plan that could optimize her dog’s health and lifespan. “I was able to restore the health of my boy through a proper raw diet,” she added. 

Helping Dogs Around the World!

Dr. Stephanie admitted that she could not stand seeing one sick dog or dogs (or cats)  in unnecessary pain. That is why she wants to share the things that she learned while healing her dog. “I want all dogs around the world to have a happy and healthy life. I think it is my responsibility now to impart what I have learned to other dog owners to keep their dogs healthy and safe, and get them back to being pain free and healthy” she said.

Dr. Stephanie hopes that her knowledge will help spare all dogs around the world, from pain and suffering and  from disease. “I have accomplished many things in the academic world, but saving my dog’s life is the greatest of all my achievements and my greatest joy! Being able to continue to enjoy life with him in our silly way, is the most important thing in my life,” she added.

Today, her dog lives a life filled with energy, love, and vitality and continues to join Dr. Stephanie walking in the park, biking, on super fun car rides and traveling.


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