How a Single Grandmother Created a Clean Pizza Dough Business

You may be familiar with the mantra that life is not a race – that everyone operates on their own timeline. Some people discover their passion and reach their career highlight later in life. For 57-year-old Terry Thomsen, it wasn’t until she became a grandmother that she had the idea for Feel Good Dough.

After working several jobs in business and the food industry, including The Pampered Chef and The Pizza Bagel Lady, she created her own food brand that was clean of toxins and made using the best quality wheat.

She said, “When I became a grandmother, I realized how important it is for children to have clean, organic, real food. I knew they would eat a lot of pizza, so I created Feel Good Dough.

“Today, I have found ‘everyone wants to do something good for their family.’ With my dough, everyone can make their own creations having a clean organic toxin free dough.”

In the earlier stages of the idea, she began to research into areas of the food world she had no prior experience with. She purchased an 80 QT mixer, naming it Helga, and began work to find a perfect recipe using her current knowledge about dough. She and Helga worked for weeks, making multiple batches of dough and sourcing only the very best ingredients to make a clean, plant-based, organic pizza dough.

However once she reached her requirements of clean and organic dough, she wanted to make sure it cooked well too. She explained, “I wanted to provide dough that could last longer in the fridge, that could take the heat without burning to a crisp, and could be boiled, fried, baked, and grilled.” Based on the product’s namesake, she wanted to create dough that could be used every day and make you “feel good every day.”

After this process of trial and error, Feel Good Dough in Cleveland was born. Since then the business has continued to expand across the country, being stocked in the frozen section in stores including Kroger’s and Whole Foods. And she’s even appealing to people with more of  a sweet tooth, after developing the products into a plant-based chocolate dough. 

The company is also a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) member. Her pride in what she has created is evident, “It is my greatest pleasure knowing that I am helping this world eat good, and feel good at the same time.”

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