How a Strong Work Ethic and a Great Attitude can Lead to Success With Justin Hermann

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Success is a seemingly arduous path, and only those with the right attitude and strong work ethics surpass all challenges and achieve great things. Justin Hermann is one of those people with impeccable strides in life. At 27 years old, he is a member of the Board of Directors in an 8-figure insurance agency.

Justin Hermann’s Background

Justin is the eldest in a family of 4 children. Their amazing parents instilled the value of hard work in them. Family and sports were the center of their family, which got Justin into captain roles as a hockey player in high school and ultimately playing college hockey for ASU.

As a teenager, Justin took up several jobs to push him through school. He went from stocking vending machines at the age of 12 to working retail, playing hockey, working several summer jobs, serving tables, working at a construction company, and interning the last 2 years of college. 

After graduating from ASU in 2016, his optimism led him to set a goal of earning a 6-figure income in his first year out of school. Having a degree in construction management, he started a career with a leading technical builder as a project engineer, which got him almost to his goal.

He then looked into stocks and option trading, Amazon, Craigslist gigs, real estate and unintentionally got into insurance through a friend. He ultimately attained his goal in insurance, an industry he had no prior experience in.

Justin Hermann’s Achievements

Justin got into leadership in his second month in insurance and in the 3rd month, he led in sales as a top 5 producer. In his second year, he moved out of state to lead an agency expansion in Dallas. At the end of that year, Justin earned a spot on the board of directors for a $55 million agency. In the 3rd year, he helped the agency transition from in-person appointments to working remotely due to the pandemic. 

He has also helped multiple people earn a 6-figure income and has built a residual income paying him more in a month than he used to make a year in his construction job. The agency helps provide financial stability for families when they need it the most and Justin came to realize the impact of what he was doing just 3 months in when he helped a family file his first claim. 

Justin’s Work Ethic And Attitude

Justin made a name for himself in the industry by consistently showing up with a great attitude and results. Obstacles, burnouts, and distress are there, but he has maintained the consistency virtue, implementing measures to overcome the challenges. According to Justin, consistency is the biggest separator and is often underrated in what it can accomplish when compounded over time. What he does today consistently comes to light 90 days later. Here is how he portrays consistency:

  • Focusing on Getting Better

He overcomes obstacles by focusing on getting better rather than being frustrated at the current circumstances. Some of his distress tips are having faith and getting out of his comfort zone. He believes people are much more capable than they believe themselves to be, and the only way to discover their potential is by getting out of their comfort zone. “If other individuals can do it, why can’t I?” Is his mentality. 

  • Setting New Goals

If you feel burnout, set new goals. Burnouts happen when you are not on a mission to create. Set achievable goals based on milestones. Work on the small steps that will gradually lead to your end goal. According to Hermann, you could create a morning routine to get you out of wake-up thoughts and into developer mode. You could also run your day on your schedule. It will help you achieve small milestones. 

  • Making Time For Personal Development 

Self-care is essential for your overall health, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. People need that psychological well-being to get productive professionally. It is the only way we feel whole and safe to work on our professional paths. Hermann makes time for the gym, his spouse, family, and faith. 


Justin Hermann’s work ethic and impeccable attitude are what forges a difference in making a statement. It is all about not giving up what you want most for what you want now and working hard for it. He says once you have found a path to achieve your goals buckle up and focus on becoming the person you need to be to rise the tides. Follow him on Instagram for more tips.

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