How a Winning Attitude Can Help you Become Successful


The way you think about how your ability counts.  Do you have a positive or negative mindset? Do you have what it takes to be a top performer? Do you have the discipline? Do you have the drive?

Do you have enough confidence in yourself to succeed even if no one else believes – because it is your belief and your drive and your mindset that makes you a winner and achiever, not what anyone else thinks. Train your mind. Be positive, be your own best role model, and learned some great characteristics and traits to work on below.

High Performance/Performers Characteristics

Getting ahead and staying ahead – winning the race. Being a top performer, a champion, an achiever. It all always comes down to the same habits and the same attitudes and there are conference speakers, and thought leaders and motivational speakers, and peers and supervisors, and countless people who meet top performance success over and overusing these same traits. These traits are: 

  • Do the work
  • Gain knowledge from others
  • Gain opinions on your performance
  • Mature and flourish with every assignment
  • Command top payment for top job execution
  • Oversee your own learning
  • Be valuable and industrious
  • Learn how to say no at work
  • Respect and value your health and fitness

What Are the Traits of a High-Performance Leader?

There are ten specific traits of a high-performance leader and those are: 

  • Energy and positive mental attitude: According to Rosabeth Moss Kanter, “Some people become leaders no matter what their chosen path because their positive energy is so uplifting. Even in tough times, they always find a way.” Just because you want to focus on the good in any situation does not mean you are not sensible or naïve – it simply means you do not want to be negative or waste time on negative thinking. Take a constructive approach. Be open to options and resources.
  • Courage and Confidence: Grow to face painful issues with courage and have confidence about all else. The two go together. Keep moving forward no matter what it takes.
  • Self-mastery: Be organized, detailed, and more than anything else, a self-starter. You will never be able to have around-the-clock guidance for all your decisions. So, learn to rely on yourself and carve out your own path – do not expect someone to do that for you.  People can encourage you all they can, but it is up to you to have the discipline to follow through with your goals and dreams and be a champion, an achiever, no matter what it takes.
  • Inventiveness: To be creative in everything you do and, in every situation, takes incredible energy. You must have the energy to focus and be vigilant even when you are not feeling energetic. In the words of that genius creator Walt Disney: “I can never standstill. I must explore and experiment. I am never satisfied with my work. I resent the limitations of my own imagination.”
  • Resourcefulness: In a nutshell, without initiative, ideas go nowhere. Learn, read, grow, listen to everyone and everybody you can, especially those that you can learn from that have gone before you and can give you seasoned advice such as going to conferences and listening to those conference speakers – take notes, soak in all they have to share with you.
  • Emotional intelligence: Tough conversations must learn to be handled with sensitivity and authenticity, as well as transparency. When it comes to life’s sticky, moments as Author Daniel Goleman says, “Learn a different way to be smart.” When it comes to life’s sticky moments, get unstuck. Learn a different way to be smart. Author Daniel Goleman gets it.  Do you?
  • Fortitude and patience: Your pursuits will take time and patience, as well as endurance. Riding out highs and lows will be the test of how patient and resilient you are.
  • Stamina. Simply put, keep up the struggle even when you see no tangible benefits insight.
  • Determination. Stick to what you stand for, and do not forget you have to live with your decisions.
  • Trust. You have nothing without trust – so once that is established, guard it as it were your most precious resource. Trust truly is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

Winning Attitude is the Key to High Performance

It is true that everybody cheers, loves, and admires a champion. However, despite this, very few really have what it really takes to become a champion. This is according to a sports psychologist and conference speaker, Dr. Bob Rotella “this is because real champions (whether they’re in business, sports, or any other field) do things differently in almost every single aspect of their lives.” He talks about what it takes to be a top performer, a champion. 

  • Optimism: Champions express hopefulness. They believe completely that things are going to be successful. By making the choice to be optimistic – you choose to not be pessimistic. In other words, do not focus on all the struggles and adversity or obstacles. Do not let your subconscious mind control you. It is important to remember that the subconscious is indeed suspectable to suggestion, but also remember it can be changed. Make the conscious choice to continue to be positive, even when things might seem impossible.
  • Confidence: You must have confidence in yourself, trust in yourself, even when you make mistakes, even big mistakes. Choose to remember the good, not what is bad. Learn to practice crafting your self-image, make it a combination of both optimism and self-confidence. Average people are not champions. Fuel own yourself with encouragement – do not doubt your abilities.  Talent gets you only so far, then it is up to you and that takes arduous work and dedication, and momentum. Dr. Rotella says, “talent can’t be stopped, but momentum can.” So, do what you must to keep your momentum going.
  • Committed: When you have the right ethic and the right mindset, you are left with one thing – commitment. That is a commitment to the process of being a champion. You must go beyond a simple commitment because that is what people who are champions in anything do – they go beyond. Goal Cast says you should find a way to love it just as much as you love its results. This means being both devoted and committed to improving yourself every single day you are alive. It also means loving the minute details involved in preparing for the next big moment as much as you love the big moments themselves. It is your daily rituals that will produce the massive success you are looking for. Choose to be proud of yourself, choose to be happy in your persistence and patience. Certainly, you will have setbacks, which is a part of life, but it is how you choose to think about, process, and use those setbacks. Do you use them to your advantage or disadvantage? Do not take things so personally, just break your goals down into smaller steps. Remember what the old proverb says, and there is much truth in it: Fall 8 times, get up 9. 

Surround yourself with winners and take control of your future while you are always working on being a champion, it is a daily process. Take advice from leaders. Attend conferences, listen to those conference speakers, soak up all their knowledge, listen to podcasts and you tubes, and people who have been there before you, listen to teachers, and elders, and anyone who can encourage you and be a part of your positive process.

If someone is encouraging your goals and helping you with your journey, it doesn’t matter who they are – famous or not – they will be a winner and be a great advocate for you, but just because you surround yourself with winners, and have confidence and courage, wisdom, and optimism, doesn’t mean you don’t take responsibility for your own journey. Learn to align your mind, body, and spirit with your goal.  Be resilient. 

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