How Abhishek Singh Took His Celebrity Management Firm CelebBazaar Global

Abhishek Singh is a known celebrity manager who comes from a small town in Jharkhand called Jamshedpur.

Abhishek Singh is a known celebrity manager who comes from a small town in Jharkhand called Jamshedpur. He went to Bangalore for his studies and after his graduation, he headed to become a competent software engineer in top IT groups like IBM. It was a tough job and he soon lost interest, but he found his space in the CSR and Events team within the company. This is where he came in touch with celebrities from Bollywood and other film industries. He got strong in his connections while being in this field for around ten years, which further gave him the chance to embark upon his celebrity management company called CelebBazaar. 

Thanks to his attributes like perfect coordination with celebs, he is able to bag several global events as in places like Dallas in the US. His trip to the US helped him bag the US trip. In Dallas, he was able to work with the A-Listers. Some of the concerts and other events he did included the celebrities like Sanya Malhotra, Huma Qureshi, and Hrithik Roshan.  He perfectly managed these events, which speaks a lot about his competence and potentials. He has been a Bollywood enthusiast since his childhood days. 

Looking back to his childhood has gone dancing over different songs in Bollywood movies starring Salman Khan like Oo Jaane Jaana. He vividly remembers the boat party during his college days that gave him the chance to attend the party in Bangalore. This is where he got the chance to see glamour so closely. Hence he always had in his mind to enter the industry but his parents never supported him with this idea, which made him enter the IT industry. Despite working in the IT industry for a long, he managed to find his space taking up events dealing with celebrities. He got the chance to interact with different celebrities and soon had good contact with them. Soon he was in the position of thinking of starting up a company dealing with Celebrity Management.

He knew it was difficult but while working in the CSR and Events department of IBM, he had enough confidence to start things right. While working with different Bollywood celebrities, he knew he could also put his life no less than any Bollywood town story. So in 2018, he quit his job to start his venture in celebrity management shifting his base from Bangalore to Mumbai the hub for the glamour industry. His transit from IT to celebrity seemed a big lip but it went smooth. 

As said the real reason for entering into this field with his firm called CelebBazaar, was his strong connections with the celebrities and the exposure he got in this industry. He was able to shape up things the best and people knew his work. Soon he started getting his clients and his priority was to cater to them the best thus becoming among the bankable brands in managing celebrities in the industry. His first break came with the celebrity called Siddharth Malhotra. Abhishek successfully managed the event with the actor and soon was able to embark upon a bankable name for other celebrities as well. 

Since then it was no looking back for him as he started bagging one celebrity to another. Some of the top celebrities for which he worked include Ajay Devgn, Hrithik Roshan, and Kareena Kapoor Khan to name a few. Besides, he also has worked with other celebrities including Taapsee Pannu, Tiger Shroff, and Vicky Kaushal to name a few. He managed to work with good rapport with several Bollywood directors, products, and actors. 


Written by Garry Logan

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