How Amour Genève is Revolutionizing the Wine and Beverage Industry With Their Signature Blue Brand

Amour Genève

Some people have a special connection with colors. It’s common for people to have favorite colors, but others find an exceptional connection and dedicate their lives around certain colors. Coviello Salinès is an individual who has dedicated his brand Amour Genève to his father, Freddie Francisco Salinès, and the influence of his trademark blue wine.

Growing up, Coviello’s childhood was surrounded by his father’s love for the color blue. Anyone could see the special connection between Freddie and every shade of blue. His eyeglasses had tints of navy blue, and his driving gloves were the same shade of clear sky. Freddie also loved collecting precious blue jewelry and artifacts. Turquoise, topazamong a stunning array of treasures, Coviello always marvelled over his father’s growing collection upon his arrival from military deployment. However, the heirlooms were lost upon his tragic departure. Coviello started to look for ways to express his father’s unique expression of blue to the world. He decided that the best way to do so was by creating a product that could commemorate his departed father and his eternal blueprint.

As Coviello traveled overseas to partake in this journey, he learned of an unnatural process in which vintners added artificial coloring to whites wines. This being an illegal practice in wine making in most of the world, He decided to take on the challenge of creating a natural process that would innovate a new vision in wine. Driven by the purpose of educating and informing, Coviello worked with European vintners to formulate a natural approach to coloring wine called anthocyanin extraction and molecular gastronomy. The process involves constructing a balance of compounds during the wine aging process that allows the natural release of blue pigmentation. Coviello then introduced the process to an organic Verdejo harvest.

The pigmentation then gave birth to Amour Genève, the world’s first naturally blue wine. The brand was founded in 2017 and has become the world’s first FDA, TTB, and E.U approved natural blue, that is revolutionizing the global wine and beverage industry. While the coloring process has been allocated for other beverages, Coviello is the first to successfully produce wine in the blue pigmentation while retaining the natural taste.

When Coviello finally perfected the process, Amour Genève became a hit in several cities across Europe, such as Paris, Madrid, and London, before finally making its way to the United States. Since releasing it on the market, Amour Genève has averaged four and a half stars on several review sites, proving that it’s more than just another bottle added to the collection. 

Running successfully for nearly four years, Coviello foresees Amour Genève becoming an innovative household brand not just in America but worldwide. He also hopes to share his story with the world and use it as an example of dedication and resilience.

Coviello wants to teach people the intimacy about the wine industry so they know that there is no such thing as impossible so long as they remain determined to achieve their goals and dreams.

To learn more about Amour Genève, you may visit their website. They can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram.

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