How an Investment in Personal Branding Could Influence Your Online Coaching Business

Ronnie is a digital marketer who specializes in helping online coaching businesses raise their brand to new heights through effective personal branding techniques.  

He is based in Singapore but helps online coaching professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, and consultants all over the world to develop their personal branding through PR. Today, we get in touch with Ronnie to ask him why personal branding is critical to building a successful online coaching business. 

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1 You Will Attract the Highest Quality Leads 

Hunting new leads is not always an effective use of your time. Your website is critical to your personal branding. Ensuring your content is up-to-date, relevant, and fresh will get you ranked and attract your ideal clients. 

Communicating your purpose and mission on social media by consistently posting useful, engaging content will bring high-quality leads to your organization. Think Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee. What do they all have in common? A thriving online presence that continuously reinforces their personal brand. 

Get seen on Google, be active on social media, and provide value at every opportunity. You don’t need to be an Oprah or a Branson to build a great personal brand, but you do need to be consistent, transparent, and authentic, always.  

2 Your Personal Brand is the Face of Your Business 

Whether you realize it or not, you have a personal brand. If you Google your business, what do you see? The search results are most often the first impression anyone will get of your business.  

Business is a lot easier when you wake up to an inbox full of high-quality leads every day. How much more effective will you be when you can choose the clients you work with rather than having to hustle all day?  

Conversions are a lot easier when the leads are coming to you rather than the other way around. Personal branding removes much of the hassle of marketing, and when it’s done right, you will never have to worry about when your next paying client will arrive.  

3 Personal Branding Builds Trust and Authority

If you don’t have authority and trust in your online business, then you don’t have a business.  

Personal branding is about gaining momentum in the trust and authority stakes. Having your name regularly show up in the search engines and constantly building your brand’s daily presence in the news feed will develop the trust and authority you need in the community to close the sale.  

People will be nervous about dealing with someone they have never heard of before, especially when it comes to 1 on 1 coaching. If they feel like they know you already, conversions are a piece of cake.  

Are you ready to take control of your personal branding? You can get in touch with Ronnie through Instagram @ronnieismarketing

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