How Andrey Santin Overcame His Obstacles & Achieved Success In His Field.

Andrey Santin is a young artist who started making youtube videos in 2015, he now also does Forex & provides tips for others on how to move in global markets and how to learn more about business and life. 

Here Andrey shares how he was able to overcome the obstacles he faced & achieve success through all the negativity he went through.

  • Obstacles 

Santin has faced his fair share of obstacles, he was cyber bullied from YouTube and on the internet because of his career. He felt lonely so he resorted to making YouTube and Instagram videos to make new friends and to be loved. This really helped him feel better from being lonely. 

Andrey overcame his obstacles by attempting to ignore all the bad comments he received, he also posted more content to make his followers happy. This caused him to work even more and motivated him, so he continued doing this.

  • Growth and Success

Santin will continue to grow himself and his business by creating more content about his work. He will also teach others how to succeed as soon as possible. Andrey reminds others on a daily basis  to “Be different, be yourself, trust your soul and learn every day.” 

  • Staying Motivated

The motive that drives Andrey Santin to continue doing what he does is the urge of helping people to ensure they are happy and proud. He suggests a quote that he strongly believes in, ‘helping each other is the strongest thing in this world,’. His business helps people to become financially stable and have a good mindset. He is also motivated by the fact that everyone should have a goal and a dream just like him and that’s basically the idea that he tries to bring about.

  • Success Tips  

Successful habits Andrey has is to focus on yourself and who ever supports you. He also suggests reading books, educating yourself, avoiding negative people, and enjoying life. These will all create a positive influence around your life.

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