How Answerly Gears up to Be the Biggest Q&A Platform

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If you’re an avid online user, there’s a good chance you’ve visited a Q&A website recently. This is because sites like Quora have been such a prominent sight on the first page of Google, especially for question-based keywords. Interestingly, Quora is about to reach 100 million questions on their platform, highlighting their immense reach and the reliance of online users on the site for relevant and accurate information.

While Quora dominates this space, a new name appears to be in an excellent position to acquire significant market share. Answerly is a Q&A platform founded by Raza Rizvi. It’s built on the Stellar blockchain, with the central goal of rewarding users who share the most unique, accurate, and timely content.

Increasing the supply of Answerly tokens

After minting Answerly tokens on the Stellar blockchain, Raza decided to fix the supply at 30 million tokens. However, after analyzing the early growth of Answerly, Raza agreed to increase the circulating pool to 1.5 billion.

This is a staggering increase that might appear concerning at first. But early investors have already benefited from it as they have increased their initial investment by 50 times without shelling additional money.

Raza, alongside co-founders Zain Haider and Usama Akhtar, explains that the increase is necessary to sustain the growth of Answerly. However, considering how Quora has almost 100 million questions and Yahoo! Answers has over 250 million; it’s easy to see how the initial 30 million ANSR tokens won’t be enough to offer user rewards.

Advertising opportunities

Aside from rewarding users who post the best questions and answers on the platform, Raza wants to turn Answerly into an excellent source of targeted traffic to advertisers. He says that Answerly can be the ideal platform for targeted marketing.

For instance, advertisers can choose to only show their ads on questions with a relevant tag. As a result, users who engage in these questions are likely to be interested in what the advertiser has to offer, thus increasing their chances to click through, visit the website, and make a purchase.

Answerly will offer targeting tools and analytics to make it easy for advertisers to reach their target audience. Raza also says they plan to provide the most competitive advertising rates to attract both small and large businesses.

Adding social elements for more engagement

Q&A websites are often viewed as a one-and-done deal where you search for a particular question and leave right after finding the answer. However, Answerly aims to make things more interactive by adding features typically present on social media sites.

For one, there’s a messaging feature that allows users to communicate with each other and further discuss any topic they’re interested in. Posting questions and answers are also made more fun with the multimedia-rich textbox and Unsplash integration. Through these features, users can post desirable visual content instead of just plain text.

Answerly may be competing against an industry giant, but it has what it takes to become the ultimate Q&A platform on the web.

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