How Apparel Brands in Los Angeles Can Use Billboards Post-Pandemic

Many businesses are still facing the impact of the last year and the global pandemic. Things are returning to normal, which means that companies will be rebounding and ramping up advertising efforts. One form of advertising that apparel brands in LA should consider is billboards. Here are some of the best ways for apparel brands to use billboards for advertisements. 

Get Creative. 

When you opt for billboard advertisements, you want to ensure you are creative with your messaging, imagery, and composition. Depending on the area you choose for your ads, you may end up in a crowd of other brands advertising for their businesses as well. You want to stand out with eye-catching imagery, beautiful designs, and clear messaging. 

Billboards allow enough space to create beautiful works of art that can allow a glimpse into your company culture. Leveraging this can help make a more profound and emotional impact on your potential customers. In today’s society, consumers want to support businesses that do good in the world and stand up for the issues they face, which can be reflected in your advertising. 

Keep Messaging Short and Impactful. 

You only have a few seconds to make an impactful first impression. With a creative design and keeping your key messaging concise and clear, you’re bound to catch people’s attention and make them want more information about your brand. 

When individuals who haven’t been working get back into the workforce after the pandemic is done, and they can afford to splurge on their wants again, you’ll want to be top of mind. 

Pick a Location that Works Best for Your Brand. 

Taking advantage of some of the fantastic locations in LA will provide the maximum exposure for your apparel brand. You can focus your advertising efforts on tourists in the area by putting up a billboard near the Walk of Fame, the Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios, LAX, or the other airports in the area. 

If your brand is sports-related, you can advertise at Dodger Stadium, The Forum, STAPLES Center, LA Memorial Coliseum, or Rose Bowl Stadium.

For a younger audience, opt to put your ad near the many Universities and Colleges in the city. 

If you’re looking to reach a wide variety of people, choose a billboard along any of the major highways. For apparel brands, you may be looking to reach people of all walks of life, and major roadways are a great way to reach them. Especially during rush hour, your audience will be paying attention to the billboards around them. 

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck. 

It’s more reasonably priced than you may think to put your ad on a billboard, especially for the exposure it will afford you. When you opt for a radio ad or social media ad, they run at specific times and only reach those who are tuned in. Billboards are always on, and that’s a significant perk of this type of advertising. 

There are plenty of options and corresponding prices for Los Angeles billboards, so you can find an opportunity for you that fits into your marketing budget. 

While billboards are a more traditional form of advertising in the world of social media, they’re still highly effective for apparel brand owners. Using billboards to your advantage once the pandemic winds down is extremely easy with Los Angeles billboards. 

Los Angeles billboards are an excellent investment when it comes to advertising your apparel brand. With the ability to reach almost 4 million residents, and get over 1.8 billion impressions, Los Angeles billboards are a cost-effective way to get people talking about your brand. 

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