How are Skateboards Made? 10 Simple Steps you Should Learn

Skateboard is a fun riding tool. Nowadays, it’s quite popular among kids to adults. It is also a kind of thrilling and amusing sport. Skateboard gained its popularity in the 1960s. At that time, the skateboard was used for quick and easy riding as well as a feeling of street surfing. As it was only made for transportation back then, so it has only a flat wooden structure with four wheels.

But after time to time, the look and purpose of the skateboard changed and the structure got a new look. For balancing or rolling, manufacturers made their way and methods to give the old look a new updated look. Anyways, many people want to customize their skateboards. If you are one of them, then continue reading the methods of how are skateboards made. 

How are Skateboards Made?

At first, we need to arrange the materials for making a whole skateboard. Here is the list-

  • Veneer/Hard Plywood Sheets
  • Wood Glue(3-4)
  • Jigsaw or Band saw
  • Paint and Paint roller
  • Frame press
  • A hardware kit
  • Thick Pen Marker
  • Grip Tape
  • Wheels & Trucks
  • Nuts & Bolts 

Now let’s learn the methods-

  1. Veneer/Hard Plywood Sheets

A veneer is the main part of making a skateboard. This wood must be sturdy and durable, so maximum people use maple tree wood, some people use oak and pine wood too. A wood is peeled into thin sheets of wood that are called veneers. 

  1. Glue the Veneers

According to how many layers you want in your skateboard, you have to prepare that amount of veneers. Then choose a wood glue that will be water-resistance. Coat each veneer with the glue properly with a dry roller. Then dry out the glue very well and see if they are attached appropriately. 

  1. Hydraulic Press

After glueing the veneers together, pick two cardboard pieces and the unshaped board. Now put those two into the hydraulic press, so it can be pressed nicely and have a firmer shape. Keep the pressed and unshaped boards for one day to rest.

  1. Drill Holes

Time for drilling holes for the skateboard trucks and wheels. You can drill by hand or machine. Use a marker pen to locate where you will drill. 

  1. Give the Shape 

Cut your desired shape of the board according to your wish. Use a jigsaw or band saw to give the proper shape. Be careful while using the saw. Next, use sandpaper to sand the deck and give a decent look. Make your board extremely smooth with the sandpaper. 

  1. Decorate Your Board

Time to give your board some colour. Use spray paints or freehand paint as you want. Make sure to use water-based paint. Let the paint dry and your deck is ready!

  1. Add Grip Tape

Grip tape is necessary for each skateboard. It is a huge rectangular sheet that you can cut according to your board size. Place the grip tape on your board and make it sit smoothly. Cut the extra part by knife.

  1. Add Trucks

After the grip tape, make holes on the tape according to the board holes. Position the 2 trucks face to face with kingpins. Now use bolts to secure their position. Take a screwdriver and attach those tightly. 

  1. Install Bearings

Bearing is a part of wheels. It makes the wheel move smoothly. Each wheel needs 2 bearings. So, for 4 wheels, you will need 8 bearings. Press the bearing on the side of a wheel and make sure it inserts properly in each wheel.

  1. Mount wheels

Secure the wheels with washers and axels. It’s quite easy. Place the washer on the axel, then place the wheel, the again a second washer. And done! Continue mounting the rest of the wheels.

How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

Luckily, the productions of skateboards are huge and you can get one in a variety of price range. A good skateboard costs between $70-200. 

Now come to another point, who should purchase the cheap one and who should purchase the expensive one. If you are a beginner or learning next-level tricks, we suggest having a skateboard below $80.

Again, if you are a professional rider or use it for purposes then an expensive one would be a better option for you.

However, if you are making a skateboard at home the cost will be almost the same, probably you can save $10-30. Manage to get the deck under $50 and bearings under $20. It should decrease the overall cost.

Final Verdict

We are far away from the starting and we believe now you have got a better knowledge on the topic, how skateboards are made. We didn’t discuss too much. Collecting materials, giving shapes, and adding different components are the 3 core facts but we have divided them into 10 parts for a better realization.

However, to learn more about skateboard details keep in touch with Skateboardcave.Com

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