How Artist George Khouri got his Start in the Music Industry

Artist George Khouri hails from Los Angeles, and is a multi-faceted artist who is known for being a songwriter, singer, rapper, and songwriter who truly embraces the modern. Before he got to this level, Khouri was simply a writer trying to sell scripts, and later transitioned into writing songs.

Since then, he has written and recorded over 200 songs, and is inspired by various notable artists including LMFAO, Bruno Mars, and DaBaby. He strives to always create original works, and uses his personal experiences and musical talents to create unique sounds that blend hip hop, pop, and funk.

Khouri’s music is always authentic and relatable, creating an easy going and positive listening experience for all. He knows what it takes to find success in the entertainment industry, and claims that by always focusing on the craft and with a solid work ethic, you will find the right results.

Looking forward, Khouri is set to release his latest single “FUNK DAT”, which will showcase his lyricism in a uniquely constructed piece of musical artistry. The song is a fun rap anthem that will inject impactful and positive vibes into the listening experience, and teach people to not take themselves too seriously and learn to enjoy life more.

You can hear more from Khouri at his Insta:

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