How Artist VI CITY Made it out of the South Side of Chicago and Found Success in the Music Industry

Well-known rapper, songwriter, writer, and producer Vi City has been finding his groove in the music industry lately. Some of his credits include writing “C.N.F” with Nelly, co writing & being featured on “Some Ish” with Sir Michael Rocks on his #1 debut album Banco, and co-producing tracks for Young Money with the producer Rich Skillz.

Despite these impressive accolades in the music industry, Vi City also says that a major success in his music career has been making it out of the south side of Chicago and not getting caught up in the system. Vi City is proud to be an artist that owns his company, Hundreds Entertainment, and is able to create what he wants to create in the way that he wants.

Even though the music industry often involves high stress levels and burnout, Vi City notes working out, meditating, and solo trips to the movies have been key ways to destress. He also attributes much of his success to staying consistent with his work and true to himself, knowing that everything would work out eventually.

Vi City knows how important it is to create music “from a place of love and authenticity”. He emphasizes how crucial it is to always create music that you believe in, which makes the success that much sweeter. Vi City’s work ethic and aspirations have set him apart in the music industry and you can be sure to hear more from him in the years to come.

For updates, follow Vi City on Instagram @iamvicity.

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