How Austin Silver Smashes Forex TradingaAnd Shares His Systems With Traders Globally

Austin Silver is an established forex trader and entrepreneur who has channelled his experience and wisdom into an education business, creating the brand ASFX to help new traders and motivated individuals find financial freedom. With over 5 years of experience, Austin has grown from his college dorm to becoming one of the most recognized online brands in day trading on social media. People come to Austin every day for inspiration and advice, and Austin’s passion for bringing value to the people has allowed him to help hundreds of traders get started in the world of day trading and hone their skills to create consistent profit on their path to leading a self-sufficient, financially secure lifestyle.

The mission behind ASFX is to dispel the idea that forex is only for the “executive” type, and to share an honest representation of how this type of trading works; educating on the different processes, trials, challenges, victories and failures of Austin’s day trading adventures. Austin documents these events on his YouTube channel, providing an intimate glance into techniques and strategies that have been previously guarded by those in-the-know all in the name of education and empowerment for young, motivated individuals.

This is part of the reason behind the success Austin and ASFX have enjoyed. He works diligently to consistently create valuable content that is available for free; giving people the foundational knowledge they need to decide if they actually want to pursue the path of forex trading. The courses and mentorship programs he offers are all one-time fees with unlimited support. No subscriptions; only proven, duplicatible strategies that Austin has developed and implements himself daily to help him stay ahead of the curve and consistently profitable with his trades.

ASFX is also co-owned by Rylee Bogden; Austin’s partner, who operates the marketing and advertising side of the business. With Rylee’s guidance and support, Austin has been able to focus on the education and content-creating areas of ASFX while Rylee has been able to expand the vision and connect ASFX with it’s audience. Equally as passionate about helping and providing value to their clients, Rylee also offers psychological support for the traders in their community, assisting them with developing their mental fortitude and the mindset necessary to excel in such a challenging environment.

ASFX‘s most recent product is the perfect collaboration between Austin and Rylee. The freshly developed ASFX Journal is a tool that offers perspective, insight and accountability for the traders looking to reflect on and understand their processes and behaviours that affect their trading habits. THE ASFX Journal blends mindfulness practices seen in many self-help programs with the data analysis tools necessary to recognize patterns and make informed, thoughtful decisions moving forward. This tool gives traders direct control over their own growth, and urges the development of positive habits that reinforce the lifestyle traders are aiming for.

ASFX is the result of a team of genuine, passionate and driven people that believe not only in their products, but in their clients and the community that they’ve created. Their authenticity and dedication is evident in the content they create. ASFX’s successes are open to be shared by anyone motivated enough.

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