How Authoritycred PR Elevates Clients to the Top of Their Niche

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In 2020, most businesses across every industry imaginable saw record financial losses, layoffs, and declines. But not AuthorityCred PR In fact, AuthorityCred PR firm experienced the exact opposite.

Founder and CEO Alex Olson grew his firm from $0 to six figures in just one year, during the toughest year for small businesses in decades. Olson led the industry-shattering charge as his firm expanded across the real estate, solar energy, finance and entrepreneurship niches.

And the accolades just keep coming. For Olson, that’s only the beginning.

“We’ve helped clients impact their niches, revolutionize their businesses, and get their message out,” he said. “To me, there’s nothing better than that, and I’m honored that our efforts have been recognized by so many companies.”

Impactful, Insightful Partners
Olson knows the impact a solid public relations team has on a business, it’s something that can’t be oversold, and when building AuthorityCred PR from the ground up, he often thought of what would change his life as a business owner.

“Every great business deserves to be seen and heard so they can maximize their reach and influence,” he said. “That’s what’s so exciting to me about this industry and about the work my team and I do.”

Having a PR firm with the connections and bandwidth to partner with businesses and entrepreneurs is essential to success, and finding that success through an award-winning firm has changed the lives of AuthorityCred PR’s clients.

AuthorityCred PR also has helped build trust and establish numerous companies’ names in their industry, with much more to come.

“If your clients don’t know you, they aren’t going to trust you, it’s just that simple.” Olson said. “Alex has helped business owners overcome that and so much more.

The Power of Excellence
AuthorityCred PR has taken major businesses from where they are to the top of their niche by positioning them in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and on award-winning podcasts and so much more. It takes an award-winning team to make such an impact.

Fortunately, AuthorityCred PR is at the top of their game in this area, as they are in everything. “The entire AuthorityCred PR team takes what we do very seriously, and I’m beyond proud of everything we’ve done for our clients and for ourselves for that matter,” said Olson. “2021 have been an awesome year for us. We’ve been able to elevate all our clients to the

number-one spot in their niche, and we’re making a difference and setting a standard in our industry. Makes us feel good and something we are really proud of.”

Through leveraging industry connections and maintaining a high standard of excellence, the AuthorityCred PR team has grown to work with over 70 clients across multiple industries and niches. And, for Olson, it’s just the beginning.

“We’re excited to grow faster and stronger than ever before,” he said. “We’ve had our changes, challenges but that hasn’t made us slow down in the slightest bit. This has been a testimony to our team and the great work we do. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us and everyone we help become the top authority in their niche. It’s no wonder the work we do has helped increase the revenue of any business, and that’s the point. We will help clients

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