How Banting Can Reduce Your Medical Costs

Are you tired of paying too much for your medications, especially when it seems like pharmaceutical companies keep raising prices for prescriptions? If you also don’t have insurance, this can also be financially burdensome and even life-threatening if you can’t get access to the medications you need for your health. Banting understands that and is here to help, especially if you are looking for ways to get access to cheaper insulin. 

Banting Makes Insulin Cheaper For You

With Banting, you are guaranteed that you will get lower prices through Banting’s own marketplace. Through the marketplace, you will have access to licensed pharmacies across the United States and Canada. In Canada, prices for drugs are negotiable, which means you can get your insulin medications at lower costs than elsewhere. In fact, you can save up to 70% on your your own insulin medications through Banting’s marketplace. With insulin prices on the rises, and now plateau or slump insight, you should know there are cheaper insulin options out there. 

Banting Makes Pet Insulin Cheaper

Did you know that animals suffer from diabetes and other insulin resistance issues as well? Pet medication can be extremely expensive, even if you have pet insurance. Just like with humans, insulin medication for pets can also be costly. We all want to give our pets the best life possible, so getting them their live-saving insulin is a must for all pet owners. Banting also proudly offers the same marketplace for cost-saving insulin medication for your pets. Just like with humans, you will have access to different licensed pharmacies across Canada where you can choose which prescription for your bet works best for your wallet without skimming on quality. 

How It Works

In order to get access to the Banting marketplace, you will first need to get a prescription from your doctor or a veterinarian if you are shopping for insulin medication for your pet. After you have obtained this prescription, you can then browse the Banting marketplace to find a pharmacy that will fill your insulin prescription at a cost that you can afford. You can even narrow down your search to specific kinds of insulin medication such as type 2 medications, rapid-acting, long-acting and other types of insulin that is suited for your needs. Once you select the type of insulin you want, you can add it to your cart and order it from there. Banting also gives you detailed information about the insulin you choose and other comparable alternatives. With the Banting marketplace system, you will be sure you are making an informed decision for you insulin. 

How Does This Affect My Costs in the Long Run?

Because you will have access to different licensed pharmacies across Canada with various prices on insulin medication, the power is put in your hands on how much you want to pay. Other companies and even insurance will typically make you pay a fixed price on insulin that can be financially devastating on you if the prices never go down and continuously rise. You owe it to yourself to be able to shop around for your insulin medication instead of only having to pay a price fixed by pharmaceutical companies. 

You Deserve to Pay Less for Your Medications

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay the prices that pharmaceutical companies set for insulin companies. In fact, Banting’s mission is to increase the public’s access to affordable medications through access to public marketplaces that have the most affordable medications out there. Not only do you have the ability to show around in Banting’s marketplace, but you will also have your insulin medication delivered safely and timely so you can accept it when you need it. So, next time you see your insulin medication spiking again, know that Banting has your back and a marketplace waiting for you to find the insulin that is affordable without having to break the bank, or even worse, go without it.

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