How Being An Entrepreneur Outside of Your Business Life Creates Success

You can find entrepreneurs in everyday people, the kind of people you see at the grocery store, and in your neighborhoods. Everyone has entrepreneurship inside of them; it’s just how they use it. Some of these people create opportunities for their business, and others create opportunities for their life. Very few people can do both.  

David Baker is one of the people who live an equally exciting business and personal life. An author, speaker, and advisor of entrepreneurial experts, this guest on Making Bank is a successful man who launched a 25-year career of advising experts in their fields. Being called the “experts’ expert,” Baker is here to discuss how his life is just as exciting outside of his work life, how when you get caught up in current success it can cause damage 

Your life goes beyond just business – so why should your success just end there? Learn about how Baker takes life by the horns in and outside of his company.  

Living an Interesting Life  

“I think…I should have a very interesting personal life. It should be so interesting that I start to get upset when my business life starts to crowd it. So that puts pressure on my business life to be done efficiently within a certain number of hours a day so that I have time to do these other things,” says Baker. The pressure of his work helps him enjoy his life outside of work while also allowing him to do the best he can. This also adds extra incentive to be successful so he can afford what he wants to do outside of work.  

Baker balances his life with many odd hobbies; and he likes it that way. He is a helicopter and airplane pilot, and he also teaches high-performance motorcycling racing while advising business owners and helping other companies reach their full potential. One of the reasons why he likes to do so many unique hobbies is because they are all-consuming. He says that he can’t think about a client right in the middle of going 180 miles an hour.  

Doing amazing, effective work during the day, and then living life to the fullest outside of work is how Baker leads his life. Once clocked out of work, he leaves it behind, and you should too. Being able to fully commit yourself to your business and then your life is a hard balance to accomplish, but it’s crucial to figure out.  

Baker also brings what drives him to his hobbies into his work life. “I think there’s this spirit that real entrepreneurs have. That’s not afraid to throw it all out again and recreate something new,” Baker explains. Because of his life, Baker learned how to move on from failures, and experiment and try again.  

Learning from your past and acknowledging where you’ve been and where you come from can put things in perspective. When you’re doing activities in your life that make you feel like you’re taking chances and living on the edge, you can become more comfortable in the workplace to take opportunities that may involve taking more of a chance than what you’re used to.  

Current Success Preventing Future Growth  

Baker takes his chances and risks in his business life as well. Being able to change things up and accept that things might have to change is one way that he takes his mindset from his hobbies into his work.  

“One of the biggest impediments to our continued growth is the success that we’ve already reached. We’re afraid to jeopardize that. We’re afraid to make changes, to explore more. Instead of being in the creation mode, we move into the maintenance mode where we protect what we’ve created,” Baker explains.  

This fear or hesitation of change can stop the growth and hinder your business. It’s important to go above and beyond just maintaining your entrepreneurship – it’s about fostering it and allowing for further growth and creation. When you’re constantly depending on the success that worked for your business before, you’re staying stagnant. 

Especially in these times, adaptability is a skill that allows entrepreneurs to be the best they can be. This year contained things that no one could’ve ever predicted, and its survival of the fittest. “There’s this spirit that real entrepreneurs have that’s not afraid to throw it all out again and recreate something new. So hopefully that creates some new thinking in your listeners as they contemplate how much of what they’re doing is just accepting and resting on their laurels rather than thinking about doing even bigger and better things and taking more risks as they move forward,” Baker states.

Success is a domino effect in your life. By taking chances in and outside of his business and knowing what he wanted to do, Baker created himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs he could be. And with his advice, you can apply his knowledge to further your success. 

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