How Ben Wiegman aka WIGZ Is Living The Best Of Both Worlds

Ben Wiegman aka WIGZ is thriving in both baseball and music

For as long as it has been in existence, the NCAA has never allowed athletes to have the ability to make money off of their name. But, with a lot of help from NCAA officials, legislation, and the clear evolution of the way the world is going, that rule has now been changed.

The changing of that rule brings great promise for Ben Wiegman, better known as WIGZ, a baseball player at the University of Louisville that also has a blooming rap career in the music industry.

Coming out of Antioch, Illinois, WIGZ has been involved in baseball for as long as he can remember and has been making music for the last six years. Music has always been an outlet for WIGZ to express himself, whether he was going through good or bad times.

He allows his fans to get an inside perspective of what he is going through and creates a deep connection with them subconsciously in doing so. He’s always loved that music gives him the ability to do that through a unique medium and would never take it for granted.

Loving the ability to create and put his musical talents on display, WIGZ covers multiple different genres under the rap sub-category, which very few artists harness the ability to do. “I love different styles of music, and so if I am going through a difficult time emotionally, I will most likely be expressing that to my fans.

The same way I would be making upbeat and fun music if I was in a really good and relaxed state of mind,” says WIGZ. Truly channeling his emotions when he creates, WIGZ focuses on the quality of his music as opposed to the quantity. He wants none of his songs to feel forced or like he is doing too much as he holds himself to a high standard.

Holding himself to an extremely high standard, WIGZ knows that although he isn’t pumping out music every week as many rising artists do, he knows that his quality is second to none. He recently released his latest single, “Feeling Like The Man,” and it is performing well across all streaming platforms, making WIGZ more eager to create than ever.

With the NCAA lifting its rule on athletes not being able to make money from their name and a lot of momentum rolling, WIGZ is set to elevate to the next level. Be sure to keep an eye on WIGZ in music and on the baseball field, as it is only a matter of time before he becomes a star.

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