How Best-Selling Author and CEO Jessica Dennehy Helps Business Leaders Slay Their Way to Success

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Have you ever thought about how it would feel to free yourself of the monotony of a traditional 9-5? So did Jessica Dennehy, but she didn’t just wonder; she took the plunge.

 Instead of being bogged down by the chaos of life, Dennehy thinks it’s essential to learn how to harness it, to use the redirected energy to achieve goals.

“Let that energy be the momentum that pushes you forward,” is her mantra, and she uses that not only to motivate herself to push forward through life’s trials, but also as advice for her clients. Through Pivot & Slay, she wants to help clients find the same kind of success she has: the ability to build their career and craft their dream life on their own terms. 

From Side Hustler to Transformational Leader

Dennehy didn’t start out as a small business consultant. In fact, she didn’t start out dreaming of having her own business at all. Before Pivot & Slay was even an idea, she was focusing her energy on law school. As she moved from the waitlist to the admitted student list at her dream school, she started on the journey to making the first of her dreams come true. 

 Law school came with its own challenges, but none that Dennehy couldn’t tackle. She quickly learned that things like hands-on litigation increased her skills and confidence, which boosted her success.

After law school, Dennehy landed a glamorous job as a Wall Street regulator. But, as successful as she was, she had bigger plans for her future: a luxury barbershop that she launched in 2012. As it gained traction, she began to feel the freedom of owning a business and decided it was time to quit Wall Street and step into the shoes of a business owner. Of course, she put her legal and regulatory experience to good use, expanding the business threefold and opening a location overseas.

 Another challenge arose for Dennehy during COVID-19 when her own businesses had to close for several months. But her entrepreneurial spirit stayed strong. Realizing that masks were the need of the hour, she jumped into action, using her small business contacts to help 100,000 surgical masks get where they were needed.

They landed in the hands of local healthcare workers, the elderly, and first responders in the early days of the pandemic. She also used her skills to coach small businesses to tide over closures and restrictions and helped them with reopening protocols and small business loans during the uncertain period.

The Right Mindset

Dennehy quickly became a force to reckon with, but how did she do it? She credits her success to the many skills and tools she’s developed: hard work, humility, dedication, and a positive mindset. Of course, there’s also her expansive legal knowledge, her capacity to navigate both her parenting and her career goals, and her ability to combine them all to set up and run Pivot & Slay. 

What sets Dennehy apart is that her focus is not just on setting up her own successful business but also on helping others to do the same. She believes that the things you learn through your life can make a difference in the lives of someone else. 

Dennehy soon realized that she could use her experience—where her positive mindset helped her set up Pivot & Slay—to help empower others to find similar success. From business leaders to budding entrepreneurs, she helps her clients pivot both their business and their mindset. She uses this method to help them achieve their goals and find the same freedom she has—the freedom that comes with success. 

According to Dennehy, following your inner compass and gut instinct without hesitation is the trick to achieving success. For example, even if you’re perfectly positioned as a small business owner to dominate your industry, you gain more confidence than hesitancy! She helps clients let go of any fears and guides them towards creating the life of their dreams. 

 Another tool at her disposal is the ability to view mistakes as stepping stones to growth. As she tells her clients, mistakes shouldn’t be things you’re scared of—in fact, fear shouldn’t be an option at all. Instead, it’s a better idea to use all the skills you cultivate through all your life experience.

Collaboration, determination, creativity, innovation… you never know what skills you’ve subconsciously developed. What’s at the heart of everything Dennehy does, including her consulting, is helping people utilize these skills effectively.

One Step at a Time

It’s not easy starting a business, and Dennehy knows this better than anyone. She’s taken risks, made mistakes, and faced numerous challenges along her path to success – but rather than hide those stories, she embraces them. Drawing people in to see behind the curtains of her own journey is one of the ways she helps others get started on their own journey. 

Not everyone who wants to start a business is ready to take the plunge, but that’s where Pivot & Slay comes in. To help those who have dreams and aspirations to get past the hesitancy, tap into a positive mindset, and use this to finally unlock their true potential.

After all, as she says, there’s no other way to do this than to “start starting.” 

Clients Come First

For Dennehy, no two clients are the same. What sets Pivot & Slay apart is in the name itself—her ability to ‘pivot’ when it comes to her consulting. Styles, resources, advice, every client gets personalized attention and actionable tasks that are just right for them. 

Because she uses her insights to help clients tap into their own self-awareness, she takes on a compassionate role through the process. She supports them through challenging times and, at the same time, helps them with the strategic thinking and business skills they need to find success. 

She’s here to help everyone, from digital media experts and influencers to authors and CEOs. 

With Pivot & Slay, everyone from current to would-be business owners can find a path to success, and in turn to more fulfilling lives and careers. 

About Pivot & Slay

Pivot & Slay’s transformative programs empower leaders and entrepreneurs to reach out of their comfort zones to find their authentic selves & start taking the risks necessary for success. Founder Jessica Dennehy has been featured in the New York Post,, and Billionaire Success. To check out her services, visit

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