How Blockchain Startup Gather It’s Focusing on User Transparency

The platform paves the way to a new revenue source for content creators

Gather, an online platform that allows publishers and businesses to monetize without ads, presents an intriguing use case for blockchain technology that can change how people consume content online. The idea centers around exchanging a modest amount of processing power from the consumer in return for an ad-free content experience. This ensures the platform receives the adequate processing power required and publishers get compensated while users seamlessly enjoy browsing through websites without intrusive pop-ups ads.

Digital ads are becoming more intrusive. 

A lot revolves around private and sensitive information being stored and transmitted online as the demand for privacy has taken a significant stance in this day and age. 

Big tech companies have been collecting data on consumers for years, but what’s unclear is how much ownership users have over that data. It is true, websites and social media have taken their game up a notch. Over the years, they have become good at taking our data to feed their AI algorithms that are constantly churning it in the background to enhance the overall user journey. However, this results in a bad user experience due to the constant efforts of revenue-generating methods deployed by advertisers on the web, like getting ads, lots of which don’t hold any relevance to your buying habits or interest. 

Considering people surf the web on a daily basis, one of the lingering questions is whether blockchain can dominate the digital advertising landscape. The EU introduced a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to change the way data is handled by companies. Before its debut, collecting people’s data was not transparent, even within the fine prints of their Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions.

Even though blockchains may require processing power to make systems fully functional, secure, and fast, Gather has identified that sweet spot where market requirements may be met globally and via a symbiotic approach when it comes to revenue generation, processing power and transparency.

Unobtrusive Gather Network advertising model

Gather is a next-generation user content monetization startup with its own blockchain network (Mercury Release). The platform helps monetize online content and incentivizes user participation on the internet offering website and app users alternative and additional non-intrusive revenue sources.

With the addition of a robust native coin (GTH) and its own blockchain, Gather takes a fresh new outlook at building a sustainable business model for years to come presenting a modern shift for the web with greater transparency, a fairer business model and more affordable computing power for businesses and enterprises to ensure large-scale adoption.

The platform paves the way to a new revenue source for content creators via their clever business model. Where many publishers lack the technology and services needed to collect and monetize their content without relying on traditional digital ads, Gather comes in with a better offering for privacy hungry users. 

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Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas


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