How BrandBang is changing the idea of conventional social media growth

BrandBang is becoming a star player in the digital marketing industry. Ayushman Mohanty, the founder, and CEO of BrandBang is a young entrepreneur with excellent talent in graphic designing and video editing. He has been in this arena for more than 7 years now and is already working with top-notch clients around the world.

During his learning phase, Ayushman worked with Ranveer Allahbadia and made the logo of Technical Guruji. He created his own company BrandBang during early 2020. He added to his team two of his close friends – Ayon Chatterjee and Rudraneel Ghosh. And with this, BrandBang was formed!

Ayon, with his knowledge of sales and digital marketing, strengthened client relationships and increased the growth rate of the company. Rudraneel is the operation manager. He is the backbone of the entire company, supporting the smooth operation of all the tasks. He is the guy keeping records and tracks of the submission deadlines, client meetings, and creatives delivered.

They are currently working with Brands doing $Million in sales and helping them scale them efficiently

BrandBang has committed to take companies from scratch and build their brands through social media marketing and content creation. BrandBang prefers to call themselves a “creative branding” company.

Over a year now, BrandBang has increased its team, strengthening its operations and creating new media buzz. The most fascinating thing about working in BrandBang, as shared by its team members, is that it is a very fun and enjoyable experience. The corporate culture is absent and everyone is entitled to present their own ideas.

With a steady growth rate, BrandBang heads are certain of making it a top start-up.

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