How Brian Condenanza Discovers Business Concepts with Potential and Scales Them

Brian Condenanza is a talented entrepreneur with a keen eye to spot great business opportunities for investment and scale them to yield huge profits. With a special interest in finance technology, he has worked with numerous Blockchain companies. Speaking about his expertise and passion for the field, he says, “Since a young age, I have been intrigued by the advancements and innovations taking place in the world of finance and technology. I always kept myself abreast of the developments, and so when Blockchain technology was introduced, I got hooked and delved deeply into the dynamics of the technology. I was amazed by its simple yet complex concept and realized it would be a big game-changer and revolutionize the future of the world economy.”

Deciding to make his career in FinTech, Condenanza worked with and helped several startups to scale by using his knowledge about the technology and offering solutions and methods to adapt for growth. Soon, he became one of the most recognizable names in the industry and was invited to speak at the TedX event in Switzerland in 2018. His speech explaining the technology and how crypto-currencies can be implemented by the government to create a more transparent and ethical economy garnered many accolades from every sector – public and private organizations and crypto-currency enthusiasts.

Condenanza believes growth is crucial for personal and professional evolvement. With the aim to broaden his horizons, he now plans to diversify his interests and explore various business sectors and countries to invest in. Elaborating on his plans, Condenanza reveals, “I intend to dedicate my time to seek new avenues for investment opportunities. I see a lot of potential arising in regions such as South America and Southeast Asia.”

He has lately been focusing on angel investing in new industries and startups that have key potential in changing the economic and business landscape. “There are many talented individuals out there with amazing ideas that could transform the shape of current trends, change dynamics, and make a significant impact in the world. I am excited because as an angel investor, I love discovering business concepts with potential and scaling them to great heights.” He adds.

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