Here’s how ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ Became a Unique Sports Brand

Calciatori Ignoranti

The true essence of success depends upon the company you are surrounded by. In the ever-changing and competitive world, people have got a variety of options to choose the right brand when it comes to marketing. Even in the field of sports, various brands and companies are catering to different marketing needs.

Creating a niche of its own, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has built its fanbase as the ultimate place for the football community. Originally established on March 5, 2015, the company was officially registered as a premium sportswear brand in June 2020 in Italy.

An ultimate platform for the football community from all over the world, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has its official online merchandise store that sells a variety of products. To keep the football fans updated, the website also shares the latest news about the sport and the football stars.

With the ever-growing demand and witnessing the popularity of the sport across the globe, the company is building a platform for reputed soccer players and budding footballers. The pioneer behind building this brand, Luca Diddi is a digital entrepreneur and a former match analyst who holds a UEFA Pro license.

Currently, the sports brand has surpassed more than a million followers on Instagram and is still going strong. Since last year, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has been actively involved in celebrity and athlete management, becoming a prominent company providing 360-degree digital services.

Through its community, the brand looks after social media organic growth, production, content creation and sponsorship for promising athletes and footballers. Moreover, with a major focus on everything about the game, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has become one of a kind brand that has got the best services for its clients.

On one hand, where the sales of the brand products got hampered because of the pandemic, Mr Diddi smartly strategized by integrating digitalization and venturing into different services. With the second wave of the COVID-19 pertaining in many countries of the world, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has postponed the football events till September 2021.

However, if the situation gets back to normal in the next six months, the brand shall organize various football events by the first quarter of 2022.

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