How Can I Write More Efficiently?

There are a lot of people who are wondering how they can become more efficient when it comes to writing essays. One of the major fears about writing is that people are unsure of exactly how long it is going to take. Most people have a general idea of how quickly they read. Most people also understand how quickly they can work math problems. On the other hand, depending on the topic of your writing, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days. For those who are looking to write more efficiently, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Start Writing Early

The first step that everyone has to follow when it comes to writing essays is that they cannot procrastinate. A lot of people wait until the night before the paper is due to start the essay. If individuals do not allow themselves any time to write an essay, it is not going to turn out well. As a result, it is simply going to translate into word vomit on the page. 

Instead, people should start writing early. Ideally, people should get a few thoughts down on the page the day the essay is assigned. That way, the assignment it’s still fresh in someone’s mind. Otherwise, they might let all of their good ideas go to waste. There is no need to spend hours and hours on the essay on the first night. Instead, simply put a few words on the page and work it out later.

Write the Conclusion Immediately After the Thesis Statement

It might be helpful for some people to write the conclusion immediately after the thesis statement. Then, use this as a roadmap for the rest of the assignment. By knowing where the essay is going to start and knowing where the essay is going to end, people simply have to fill in the blanks. This makes the assignment much easier and much more manageable. 

Most people decide to write an essay from start to finish. When they do this, that is easy for the reader to lose track of where the essay is going. Sometimes, the writer will get to the end and realize that and has nothing to do with the beginning. By writing the conclusion immediately after the thesis statement, this is not going to happen. 

Tie Every Paragraph Back to the Thesis Statement

In order to keep from losing track of where the SI is going, it is important to tie every body paragraph back to the thesis statement. Therefore, it might be helpful to write each individual paragraph with the topic sentence and the concluding sentence at the beginning. Then, the meat of the paragraph can be filled in later. By making sure the concluding sentence ties back to the thesis statement, the writer will remember where the essay is going. Those who are having trouble filling in the meat of the paragraph might want to generate words at random to keep from repeating the same words over and over again. This will help keep the reader interested. 

Write Essays More Efficiently

For many students, writing essays is the bane of their existence. They may even dread them more than anything else. On the other hand, with a few simple tips, students will become much more efficient in their writing. When they realize they are able to write essays more efficiently, they may even start to enjoy them. Therefore, it is important for all students to put these tips to use. They can dramatically improve their writing skills in short order. 

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