How CEOs Can Use LinkedIn to Drive Revenue for Their Company

LinkedIn is a robust platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner by a majority of CEOs.

Digitally savvy CEOs interact with their employees and stakeholders in the business on LinkedIn.

It’s necessary for all CEOs to be aligned with the kind of people they onboard and interact with them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be mighty — especially when you’re aware of all the hidden tips and tricks that don’t get nearly enough exposure as they deserve.

I teach CEOs how to quickly master LinkedIn in ways that help them expand their influence and grow their company. It takes about 90 days to make a real statement on LinkedIn.

But It’s not merely enough to just like a few posts here and there. Look at it this way: You wouldn’t sit in the corner of a networking event and not speak to anyone and only gesture to people with a thumbs up, right? It seems absurd. So why on earth would you do that with LinkedIn, the most extensive business networking platform in the world?

For many, it starts with stepping outside their comfort zone to become actively involved in the branding of the company. Think about the companies you know out there where the CEO has a strong personal brand.

One highly influential CEO on LinkedIn who everyone recognizes is Bill Gates. Bill uses the platform to regularly share his insights to keep his ideas and philanthropic efforts in the thoughts and minds of his audience.

However, what many CEOs don’t realize is they don’t have to be Bill Gates or Richard Branson to help their company grow using LinkedIn.

Enter Jeff Engel, CEO of Snacktops and one of the CEOs who has really thrived after taking my course. For Jeff, it started with an action plan to modernize his profile by focusing on his “why.” By clearly defining his purpose, he was able to develop a winning strategy on LinkedIn.

He has used video to help articulate his purpose to his growing audience on LinkedIn. Before Jeff engaged on LinkedIn, Snacktops didn’t have a lot of followers or much of a presence on social media. 

Jeff’s presence and willingness to share on LinkedIn as the CEO has helped his company gain the trust of buyers. He added, “Buyers prefer to engage in meaningful conversations with people they know, like, and trust. Considering many of our buyers use LinkedIn daily. It made sense for all of us to be active on LinkedIn. And that includes me as our CEO.”

Another one of my top CEO students who is now crushing LinkedIn is Bogdan Radu, CEO of FIPSI (Flying Innovative Personnel Space Icon).                                                                

Bogdan is a true genius in every sense of the word! He is in the process of creating an unstoppable vehicle, capable of transitioning between ground, water, and air, reaching any destination in a faster and more efficient way.

For his company to succeed, Bogdan knew he needed to find investors. However, his company was struggling to get the word out using traditional media. That changed in a big way when he embraced LinkedIn.

After a massive overhaul of both his personal and company LinkedIn profiles, he got to work. Bogdan’s plan from the beginning was clear: Get FIPSI funded and out in the world to save lives.

What Bogdan quickly found out was that LinkedIn is the ideal place to find funding. He has using LinkedIn’s platform to grow his network by using strategic messaging targeting venture capitalist. There is just no better place online or offline to engage your target audience than LinkedIn.

He said, “Before using LinkedIn, I found the process of finding venture capitalists to be quite difficult. Then, I discovered that finding and engaging them was as simple as a keyword search on LinkedIn!” 

Bogdan has also utilized LinkedIn’s native video feature to showcase the fantastic capabilities of his flying car. Once his network was full of potential investors, they began to take note of his content. Suddenly, investors were finding him, and his company was experiencing growth!

Mastering LinkedIn as a CEO doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Nor do you have to be famous.

With a commitment of just 30 minutes a day for 90 days, along with a personalized plan of their “why,”  CEOs will be well on the way to driving additional revenue for their company using LinkedIn.

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Loribeth Pierson founder of Linked Journal. I am blessed to live in Sunny San Diego, California and very fortunate to have had the time and dedication to learn to “Speak LinkedIn”. Over the years, I have had the privilege to teach over 1,000 people in 76 countries how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, sell services, and land jobs. I Rank in… the Top 1% of most viewed LinkedIn Profiles… and for a good reason.

LinkedIn is forever changing; I continuously monitor and study those changes to show my clients how to extract, manipulate, and produce maximum profitability and lead generation. Years ago, LinkedIn’s primary use was to display a resume in hopes of landing a job. Times have changed!

A friend mentioned that I try LinkedIn thus began my obsession with LinkedIn. If it could help me find a realtor in another state, what else could it be used for? In my case, to launch a new business. When my brother and I launched our business, I watched many LinkedIn training videos and thought, “Wow, LinkedIn could really help me to reach my goal”, (and it did).

Fast forward to now. Armed with years of trial and error, volumes of LinkedIn Tips, shortcuts, and methods that raise my clients above their competition, I now teach people how to become successful with utilizing LinkedIn in the right way. It really isn’t just for your resume. It’s so much more!

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