How Chang-Hun Chung Stays Fit Like a True Bodybuilding Champion

How Chang-Hun Chung Maintains His Fitness Of A Champion- A View Of Fitness Lifestyle

Fitness geeks and bodybuilders focus extensively on their routines and adhere to structured diets. It’s important not only for staying healthy but also for maintaining their physique. Chang-Hun Chung, a Korean bodybuilder, fitness trainer and a German Bodybuilding Champion gives a sneak peek into the life of a professional bodybuilder and trainer.

Being interested in bodybuilding since early years, Chang ensures to maintain his lifestyle no matter the circumstances. One of the many things sources were curious about was how he consumes his meal.

“My meal is perhaps the most important element for my physique. I prepare my meal according to a structured diet plan and I prepare it for several days. Refined and natural ingredients are the key here because you need to make sure you’re intaking natural goods to get the best results.

There’s no compromise on that. I carry my food wherever I go. Whether I’m eating out with my friends or not, I have my prepared meal with me all the time. It’s essential because any compromise on that can ruin what I’ve worked so hard to achieve,” stated Chang.

Chang’s routine seems busy. Being a bodybuilder and a fitness trainer, he rarely gets any time off. “Yes, it’s busy. I’m constantly connected with clients and quite always on the call during work or on the go. It’s a part of me now, and I’ve adjusted my routine in a way that it doesn’t tire me out,” elaborated Chang.

When asked about how he deals with his clients and carries on his training, he stated “I’m connected with them all day. Whether it’s on the phone or in the gym or online. I’ve developed a habit of strictly following my routine without any gaps or compromises. I sleep and wake on my scheduled hours; that is my key to keeping everything all together. When you maintain an organized routine, you can easily adjust things into it without stressing yourself out.”

Chang also invests a lot of his time in studying for new techniques. “It’s just like teaching. You have to be knowledgeable before you can teach someone else. I keep reading about what’s new in the industry or what new exercises that I can try. It helps me to improve my skills and ultimately help my clients,” he stated.

Chang is launching his brand, Physiques Unlimited, that will cater training and coaching services to international clients. He has offered personalized training sessions, structured diet planning, and personalized coaching services, ones that he’s offering to his clients right now.

From 6-7 times training per week, including a cardio session to having a strict diet plan and routine, Chang-Hun Chung ensures to maintain his personality of a champion. However, he’s one of those innovative bodybuilders that are adopting modern techniques to gain extensive progress. The view of Chang’s routine gives a thoughtful overview of his hard work, which deems him truly worthy of being called a champion.

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