How Chris Burke Excelled in Music with Diversity

With passing time, things also get diversified. You can also regard it as the respective growth with time. But in whatever field you are, the number of options and genres has kept on increasing exponentially with time. The same is the case with music. Unlike the good old days, when there were only a few variations in musical genres, now there are plenty of them. Mastering all of them and making your name known among all the fans is an art in itself. And Chris Burke can be regarded as the Picasso of this art, for sure! Being in the industry for over a decade, right from his early teens, Chris has quite a diversified portfolio. Starting his career from pop and country music, back when he was 16, he ventured to EDM and finally experimented quite a bit with Trance. Still, he is working and collaborating with more top-notch artists to come forward with the best of the best!

Before being a professional music producer, Chris used to run a recruitment and technical agency, and to your surprise, he is a mechanical engineer. That life was also going pretty well, but it was not too late that Chris realized he would be way happier if he produced music instead of helping people hiring technical employees. This musical inspiration of Chris dates back to 2007 when he went to his first concert with his father. Foo Fighters were performing there. It was at that moment that this craze for music, especially pop, at that time, sparked in little Chris.

In the early 2000s, the trend of pop and country music was more natural in millennials. Like the rest of them, Chris was also fond of listening to Eminem, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, and Bruce Springsteen. But Chris had quite a creative mind. He was deeply fascinated by the process of making awesome music and coming up with new compositions. To quench this ardent thirst, he started experimenting with his buddies and named the group Cold California, giving it the shape of a proper musical band. Years went by, and these boys started releasing albums and tacks under the same name. All the tracks were entirely original. Lyrics, Composition, Symphony, Beat, everything represented the indigenous talents of these boys.

Due to the originality, the songs received quite a lot of praise and acclamation from fans and critics globally. It boosted their confidence to go public and start performing in concerts and events. When they did so, they also started making some money. It further increased their confidence in themselves. He also released the album “Wanderlust” collaborating with David Chappell, by the name of Tenaya.

With this boosted and rejuvenated confidence, Chris decided to give a shot to EDM. Well, how come Chris got introduced to EDM? You can term this as a happy accident. So, one day he was randomly surfing through Bebo, a social media networking platform. There he stumbled upon one of the tracks by Calvin Harris. Yeah, the very same person who produced marvels like I Need Your Love, collaborating with Ellie Goulding, in 2013. It made Chris fall in love with EDM. Especially the degree of freedom this genre offers to artists sounds like a utopia. The possibilities are endless while working with Electronic Music. But along with all these possibilities, there also lurks the danger of messing your whole track. Unnecessary stuff like aftereffects and sound modifications can introduce a teasing element in the song. 

Chris, avoiding all the mistakes and exploiting all the potentials to their fullest, finally released his first two EDM singles, Space and Time and Dreamers. Both of these songs turned out to be a huge success. They were quite important to Chris as they were his debuting songs in the EDM World. Even his next track, Never Really Liked You, got featured by Tiesto on his radio show, Club Life. Now, what else can further justify the goodness and legitimacy of Chris’s music? 

The story doesn’t end here as this was just a beginning for Chris. You know, the sky is the limit for those who want to fly high! While on vacation in 2019 in Orlando, Florida, Chris went to one of the concerts of Gareth Emery (a British Trance artist). Seeing the resemblances and soothing and contenting nature of this genre, Chris decided to give it a shot as well. On returning home from vacations, Chris searched more about Trance and searched his way to the tracks of legends like Paul Van Dyke and Armin Van Buren. It further intensified his passion for working in this genre, and he eventually released a song, The Night, in 2020, collaborating with Eximinds, a Russian trance music producer. As of now, he is working on Hey Child, his upcoming project. It will be released on Tribal Trap this year.

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