How Cloe Greco’s Upbringing Gave Her the Foundation to Achieve her Dreams

If you haven’t already discovered social media star Cloe Greco, you’re going to want to keep reading. Cloe is an impressive social media influencer and model who is taking Instagram by storm. With 1.2 million followers on the platform, Cloe has been able to monetize her following and build a wildly successful career. She has worked with well-known international brands such as Bang Energy, Dolls Kill, Shopakira, and more, and she’s well on her way to becoming one of the most sought-after models on social media.

Of course, her fans and people who come across her profile only see the glitz and glam of her job, and not the backbone of how it all happened. It’s easy to overlook someone’s journey to success, but Cloe’s upbringing played a huge role in how she arrived where she is today.

Cloe, now 24 years old, was born and raised in Argentina. She had wonderful parents who supported her big dreams, as well as three siblings – two brothers and a sister. Cloe mentioned that she draws much of her inspiration from her family, and she remembers her childhood very fondly.

“My life was fun as a little girl. I played with dolls with my sister and sports with my brothers. We had a very close family,” reflects Cloe. “When I decided to try modeling, my sister actually attended the same modeling courses. That was special sharing that with her.”

Having a family that encouraged her to take these modeling classes and pursue modeling as a career helped motivate her to achieve her wildest dreams, and she did just that. Cloe first experienced a taste of fame on social media at just 17 years old, and her loyal fan base has continued to grow ever since.

“Prior to modeling, I was in school just like everyone else,” Cloe stated. “And yes, I treat modeling as a business, and it is my first.”

Now, as an accomplished model and influencer, Cloe hopes to continue growing and reaching new milestones. She acknowledges that she has made her dreams of becoming a model come true, but that she still has much more to accomplish. One of her many goals moving forward is to inspire up-and-coming models to pursue their dreams just as she did.

“My hope is that girls will see that you can have more than one goal. They will see me reach my goals as a model, and know they can do anything they want to do,” says Cloe.

While the model and influencer wants to be recognized for her accomplishments throughout her career, she ultimately wants to be remembered for her energetic spirit and her positive outlook on life. She loves having a platform in which she can bring a little bit of happiness into people’s lives through her social media each day, no matter where they may be tuning in from.

With the love and support from her family which has led to the determination and drive she’s exemplified over the years, Cloe has proven that she has what it takes to become a legendary member of the modeling and social media industry. We would like to congratulate Cloe Greco on all of her success thus far, and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.

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