How Connecting With The Right People Has Allowed Artist Ty’Liyah Monroe To Start Her Career In Music

Starting a career in any industry can be challenging. Not only does it require a lot of work, but aspiring individuals also need to create the right relationships and connections for them to progress any further.

Ty’Liyah Monroe, a female music artist, knows how important networking with the right people in achieving her goal of becoming a household name and the next world-renowned female artist.

Promoting Herself

A native of North Carolina, Ty’Liyah jumpstarted her career in the music industry as a video vixen while she was in Atlanta where she’s been living for the last 15 years.

Before she went into music, she also went into modeling and dancing. While she was in the modeling industry, she learned to network and meet different people. So by the time that she decided to shift careers, Ty’Liyah proved that these connections are beneficial to her since this is what allowed her to breakthrough in the music industry.

Just recently, she has been featured in several standout music videos such as Jeezy’s “1 Time,” Lil Baby’s “Boss B***h,” Young Dolph’s “Paranoid“, K Camp’s “Tatted Up,” Lil Duval’s “Be Happy“ featuring T.I., and Wiz Khalifa’s “Going Hard.”

She’s also an official BelAire Champagne model and has made appearances on Black Ink, Love & Hip Hop, and even Kevin Hart’s movie “School Night.”

Ty’Liyah is also currently investing her time and effort in her music career as she determinedly works on her EP and newest single titled “phatty.”

She is also working on two short films and her brand Versetël, which highlights how versatile she can be as a person, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

Staying Consistent And Versatile

As she continues to walk on the path to success, Ty’Liyah reminds herself of the values of consistency and versatility.

“Stay consistent and never give up no matter the trials and tribulations one goes through. Every obstacle has a learning lesson behind it. Keep going,” she said.

Consistency has kept Ty’Liyah motivated to keep going no matter how hard things may seem for her. On the other hand, versatility has allowed the female music artist to unleash her full potential.

“I consider myself a chameleon and I am versatile (Versetël),” she said.

Ty’Liyah started Versetël, her fashion brand, to show others that she can conquer the music industry while engaging in other ventures.

Versetël offers products that provide comfort to its wearers without having to sacrifice style as it comes in a range of colors, a nod towards Ty’Liyah’s ability to adapt like a chameleon.

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