How Content Creators Can Upscale Profits with Blockchain Technology

One of the great ongoing challenges for content creators is funding their work. Most creators fund themselves through advertising revenues, commanding a fee for each ad delivered or clicked upon. When reliant on advertising revenue there are really only two ways that a content creator might increase the amount of money they make. The first is by growing their audience, thereby showing ads to a greater number of people, the second is by increasing the number of ads delivered in their content. 

Both amount to a greater total of ads, but there are key differences. The first method of growing an audience takes considerable time and effort, while the second option squeezing more advertising into their existing content provides instant results but ultimately risks turning some viewers away and being counterproductive in the longer term. A means of monetization in which creators could make every second of their content pay, without discouraging viewers, could in theory allow them to ramp up the profitability of their business with no ill effects.

Scaling Up

Gather is a method by which content creators can monetize each and every single second of their content, without the need for intrusive advertising which may drive visitors away. Gather is a cloud computing network that allows content consumers to sell their spare processing power through participating websites. Gather-enabled websites prompt their visitors to opt-in to the Gather network. If the user agrees to do so then both the content creator and content consumer can profit from that processing power in the form of bitcoin (BTC), Gather tokens (GTH), or even local fiat currencies

Processing power lent to the Gather network can be used to mine, to secure the Gather network itself, or be sold on as computing power. This computing power can be sold on to third parties that require computational-heavy work which their own systems could not accomplish alone, such as rendering 3D graphics for animation.

The situation is a win-win for all parties, eliminating the need for intrusive adverts and upscaling the profitability of content delivery. For instance, a 30-minute session on a Gather site may be 20 times more profitable than advertising revenue – a one-hour session could be up to 40 times more profitable. While there is a ceiling to the number of adverts a site can deliver, Gather can operate unobtrusively at all times.

Better still, because Gather is a global solution, it doesn’t discriminate based on a users’ location. Advertisers frequently pay differing rates across regional boundaries, meaning that an advert delivered in Alabama or Arizona may pay more than an advert delivered in Alaska or Arkansas. With Gather, all that matters is the amount of processing power a user lends to the network and for how long.

Increasing Profits

Due to the way Gather is modeled, it incentivizes content creators to create the best, and most sticky content possible, while simultaneously incentivizing users to continue content consumption. Being paid to upskill your knowledge or simply to be entertained has been the dream of internet surfers since the inception of the internet. Now, thanks to Gather’s cloud computing technology, that dream is closer to reality than ever before.

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